With Facebook recently reaching a milestone of 2 Billion viewers, there is no doubt your potential customers are on Facebook.  12 Million Australians scroll through their newsfeed everyday and spend over an hour a day on the Platform. If you’re not using video as part of your Facebook Marketing strategy, you are missing out on a number of benefits.  Firstly, Facebook favours video, and it especially loves when people go Live, by notifying people who are interested in your page, when you go Live.  You don’t get that kind of free promotion when you do a good ol’ status post!  Secondly, and this is a real golden nugget… behind the scenes you are accumulating a list of warm prospects with every video you post from your Business/Fan Page (not Personal Profile).   


It’s what I call an Invisible Facebook Marketing Funnel.  You see, not only are you getting increased FREE reach with your Facebook Live and Video Posts, but Facebook is building an audience of EVERYBODY who views at least 3 seconds of of your videos.  WOW!

Seriously I could kiss Mark Zuckerberg!

The Money’s in the List…

There’s a saying for online businesses: “The money’s in the list” – and it’s true.  Once you’ve done the hard work and earned the trust of your potential student or client, you can then contact them whenever you wish, to build a relationship that will take them from subscriber to sale.  

However, it’s getting more difficult to get people to hand out their email address these days.  Their inbox is filling up with spam… so they becoming less likely to sign up for every offer in their Newsfeed.  

But don’t despair, this is where the Invisible Facebook Marketing Funnel works it’s magic.

So today, I’m giving you some FREE training (seriously, this information could make you thousands buy creating these custom audiences!)

How to Create Your Video Audiences

  • Open up a new browser window (or print this out)  and follow the steps below.
  • Once you have your Ads Manager open you want to create an Audience.

Here’s the steps:

  • Ads Manager > Audiences > Create Audience > Custom Audience > Engagement on Facebook
  • Click on the downward arrow and a little drop down will appear.  Select: Custom Audience > Engagement on Facebook
  • On the next screen select: Video
  • Click on: Browse  
  • You will then see a number of different timeframes for people who have viewed your video.  At this stage, I would suggest selecting either 3 Seconds or 25% (depending on length of video).  The shorter the timeframe the larger your audience will be.
  • Once your selected your timeframe you will then need to click on: Choose Videos
  • Here you can select the videos you would like to build an audience with.  Perhaps all videos or just a few that have a message that will compliment your offer.
  • Once you’ve selected your videos you can then chose the time frame for your audience.  People who have seen the video anywhere between 1 day and 180 days (maximum).  Then give your audience an appropriate name.
  • Click on: Create Audience and then you will see your Custom Audience listed here.  It can take up to 30 minutes for your audience to populate.

Once your audience is ready, you can then create ads for this ‘warm’ audience.  And because it is highly targeted and this audience has had the opportunity to get to know you via your Live Streams and Video Posts, they will be more likely to give you their email address and what is even sweeeeter is, it will likely cost you less to acquire a new lead because, because the audience will be more responsive (they are ‘warm’)!  

Are you saying ‘Wow!’ right now?  

You should be!

This is big and news.

Why spend money on Ads to cold audiences ‘hoping’ they will opt in?  Put a $5 a day (it could even be $1!) behind a Facebook Live or Video Post that has had good engagement (use the Video View objective) and build your own warm audience which you can then promote your offer to.

You wanna kiss Zucks too right?

So get cracking with your videos, play around in Ads Manager and build your audiences.  You’re ahead of the pack with this info – make the most of it!