If you don’t know how to make a website or how it works at all it can be overwhelming. One needs to understand that it will take a while to get it up and running. If you have a vested interest in what you’re doing then you will be able to make it through the whole process. It’s not for everyone. If you know you don’t have the time to invest or the patience it may be better to delegate it to a company who does this for a living.


You will need to spend a lot of time on YouTube and Google searching for how to do this. Luckily the algorithms these days practically bring the information to you once you start searching for it. Make lists and label them in YouTube with the videos that are really helpful. Some good searches include: how to make a website or how to rank #1 on Google. It’s as simple as that. You just need to start searching and absorbing the information. After a while you will start to become familiarized with it. There are a lot of step by step guides out there that make it easy for anyone these days.


You need this before anything else. You could consider this step one. Think about what you want to name your website. Have a few options because sometimes your name won’t be available. Some popular ones to consider are Google Domains or Go Daddy. Again, if you want the best domain provider you’ll need to research it. Likewise if you are confused as to how to sign up on the forms there are guides for this on YouTube.


The second step is to get your domain hosted. This is a service that runs internet servers and allows you to serve content to the internet. Some common hosting companies are Host Gator and SiteGround. Similarly you just follow the prompts for signup. If you’re confused about anything use YouTube to steer you in the right direction.



These days you don’t need to know HTML code for making a website like the old days. It has been streamlined so anyone can do it with drag and drop tiles. For this article the builder we are going to recommend is WordPress. This is an example of a website built with WordPress: Www. MostValuablePainters.com. Again, you’ll have to signup and make a username/password as with the other steps above. The great thing about this builder is that it has what’s called plugins. These are like apps that you install that work with the builder to upgrade it and make it better.


There are a lot of great plugins. We will talk about a few of them.


This will help with ranking you at the top of Google by telling you exactly what needs adjustment in your site. If you are confused about what it is telling you to fix, they have instructional videos and articles to help you.


This plugin takes all of the pictures on your site and compresses them. The purpose of this is to make your site faster. If you have a slow site people will not want to use it and move on. Picture compression is one of the leading causes of a slow site.


Every time you edit your website and move things around you’ll want to use this. Think about it like a cleaner to tidy up all of the css files and JavaScript that you don’t see that make your site work.


As of 2020, one of the biggest ranking factors is back links. This is where another website puts a link to your website on their site. This is by far one of the hardest steps mentioned thus far, but is also the most rewarding. Once you get other sites linking to yours that sends a direct signal to Google making you look important. We will talk about a couple ways to do this.


These are websites that you can signup to be a source for and receive emails with. These emails give you opportunities for you to get a back link by providing your professional insight regarding a topic of your choice. One of the most popular is HARO which stands for help a reporter out, another is called Source bottle. These are free to signup for and give you quality back links that will rank you higher.


In this case you would need to visit various blogs about your niche. Next, have a page on your website in mind that you can pitch to the blog owner that contributes. If they like your idea, they will put a link to your website on their blog.


If you follow all of these tips you will find your business thriving. The internet has been around for a good while now and it is the number one piece of technology that you can use to build your business. Within it are all of the tools you need that we have covered YouTube, Word Press, Google, and more!