Creating great captions need not be painful when you know, how in this workshop Linda will share how you can create captions that captivate!

Social Media is all about engagement and ranking in search for the content you create and, while visuals and videos help you stand out from the crowd, it is the captions and text that goes with your content that inspires action.

In the Creating Captivating Captions for Social Media working day, Ideas and Marketing Strategist Linda Reed-Enever is opening up her book of copywriting tips and tricks to help you craft social media captions for your business.

In this working day Linda will work with you and show you how to:

  • Create captions that captivate your audience
  • Create captions that engage your audience
  • Optimise existing captions
  • Create Templates for social media caption success.

A well-crafted caption with a clear message and possibly a call-to-action can make a significant impact on your engagement and conversions on social media, so jump in quick and join Linda for this working day crafting captions for your business.

This is a working day, where you learn, and do alongside Ideas (as mentioned above) and Marketing Strategist Linda Reed- Enever. Bring your laptop and let’s get creative.

Your ticket to the working day includes a review of up to 20 of your captions by the Enever Group Impact team (normally $297) to help you hit the ground running with captivating captions for your biz.