Don’t have time to create content for lead magnets? Then this working day is for you as we show you how to create them from what you have.Lead magnets are a trade of your knowledge for information and give your potential customers a great way to get to know you and your business. They create trust and they also help you build your list, and with a little creativity you can create one from content you have already created.

If you spend time consistently creating quality content then you know just how time consuming it can be. It’s so important that we maximise our return by repurposing. And what better way to repurpose that content than into a lead magnet to attract some leads?

There are 2 things we own on the internet and that is your website and your email list and whilst social media is key to profile building we need to bring those social media connections closer to our business just in case the unthinkable happens – we lose our profiles.

So in this working day we are going to focus on attracting people to your website and email list by creating lead magnets using the content you already have.

Linda will work with you on the day to:

  • Come up with Lead Magnet ideas for your business
  • Show you how to create an ebook/checklist
  • Bring the content you already have together into an ebook or a course
  • Creating a plan to market that magnet
  • And creating and nurture those leads with an email sequence

Your ticket to the working day includes a review of your finished Lead Magnet by the Enever Group Impact team (normally $297) to help you hit the ground running and create leads.

Space is limited in these working days to allow Linda time to work with all of you, so jump in quickly to book your spot and avoid disappointment.