You’ve seen those great graphics on social media, blogs and other marketing materials. You’ve probably wondered how other businesses have got cohesive marketing while yours is a bit of a mash of branded posts, flyers and business cards that don’t quite look the same. 

If you’ve spent time looking at graphic creation software, you’ve likely come across software that is expensive, and not easy to use. Fotor changes that – whether you’re a small business or freelancer starting your new business, or a larger business looking for a graphics program that anyone can pick up and start using, Fotor provides what you need. 


Social media is all about catching the eye with great graphics. While your messaging may be important, words aren’t going to grab an audience scrolling through like graphics will. Whether you are looking for a quality template to share reviews of your business, quotes you like or new products, Fotor has a template to suit. 

Looking for marketing collateral you can use offline? You’ll find a range of templates for posters, business cards, invitations, planners, certificates, flyers, labels and much more. Simply design and then take to your favourite printer and start promoting your business. 

What Else Can Fotor Do?

Fotor isn’t just about using templates for your marketing. You have the option to:

  • Edit photos – similar to other graphic programs, you can adapt colour, sizing, effects and more with ease. 
  • Photo effects – add effects to your photos to give them the look you want. 
  • Retouch portraits – need to give your portraits a makeover? Add highlights, radiance or other beauty features. 
  • Add fonts, set images into preset shapes, add stickers and icons with great design tools. 

Fotor Plans

Fotor has a great free plan which gives you the basic abilities to try out the software while the Pro plan is affordable with plenty of features you won’t find elsewhere at the same price. With over 100,000 templates, stock photos, fonts, photo frames and more, Fotor is well worth it for businesses of all sizes. 

If you’re looking for a great graphic program that gives you the ability to create and edit, Fotor is worth adding to your business.

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