As people return to the office, it can be difficult to transition to yet another “new normal” for employees, hence why enhancing workplace environments is an important consideration for business owners, CEOs, and managers. Reports suggest that remote work is the preferred method of working for employees, therefore it is pivotal to create a workplace that is enjoyable.

Here are my top three tips to creating a positive workplace in 2021:

Employee Feedback

The most obvious, yet overlooked, option is creating open conversations with employees to discover and decide what are the best work environments for them. Some great starting points to create positive workplaces are discussing office layout, decorative items (plants, inspirational letter boards, etc) background noise/music, beverage preferences, lighting options, temperature regulator options, and more.

Incorporate Aspects of Fun

Providing employees with tools, methods, and options that bring positive energy into the workplace is important. At George & Willy, we have a swing, archery lane, and hut-style desks to layer elements of enjoyment to the workplace.

Develop a strong workplace culture

Develop a strong workplace culture filled with communication, training, opportunities, and collaboration. It helps employees understand the business goals providing inclusivity and alignment within the company.

Creating positive workplaces centres on the team atmosphere, physical environment, and stable relationships built. It’s more than a place people enjoy working within, it is about cultivating an environment where people find job satisfaction and businesses can retain employees.