Customer service and you know what everyone in business knows that it needs to be done but we get so busy working in the business we forget to call our customers to see if they are happy.

Customer Service is not dead

Our customers pay our bills, they keep our house running. What would happen if you didn’t have any customers, oh wait NO BUSINESS.

I walked into a store, I needed shoes for my 6yo the first store couldn’t help me with sizing so recommended two other stores for me to visit. I went to one of the stores held up the shoes still standing around no one helping me. I went to the 2nd store, they asked me if they can help me. Wow what a difference it was with 3 different shoe shops. I now recommend this last store because they went out of their way to help me and when I needed to replace the shoes they had no problem and didn’t harass me.

Loyalty to a brand is not as common as it used to be. I would only use one brand of makeup but then I started being offered more options and now I am not brand loyal. People used to stay with their banks and then competition came in so then there was more choice.

Choice gives us customers a chance to try other things however sometimes it isn’t greener on the other side of the grass. How do you if your customers are buying from others and not just you? Does it get you thinking that you are doing something wrong? Or do you acknowledge that we live in a very fickle age and the next new thing is all sparkly and people want to see what it is like.
Calling your customers to see if they need help with anything, calling them prior to the guarantee running out and then calling them when you know the product is getting low is showing your customer that you care.
Keeping that contact up puts you in their mind first. I have bought many products over the years but not many call me up to see if I am happy with their product, they don’t send me a card to thank me for my order and they certainly don’t send me a card or wish me a happy birthday.

Do you want to be the first port of call for your customers or is it ok that they buy products off your competition or worse still another person from your company?

I know as a small business owner I wouldn’t want my customers buying a similar from my competition. I strive to excel in customer service and if I say I am going to email them or send a sample I do it.

Tips for having excellence in customer service

1. Always put yourself in their shoes
2. Ring them via the 3x3x3 rule (3 days, 3 weeks 3 months)
3. Strive to be better than your competition in customer service
4. Remember your customers’ birthday
5. Write down customers favourite product so when on special they can purchase them.