Entrepreneurial success is a beautiful thing, but it is undoubtedly two-fold.

First, you can define your success rate through employee and client retention. Simply put, if your team or clients are not with you for the long haul, that means that you are either doing something wrong or someone else is doing it better. Either way, by this measure, you are unsuccessful, so to speak. To improve your success rate in this area, simply research your problem areas and then implement change. Problem solved, and success is on its way!

The other, more unconventional way I define my success as an entrepreneur is through my cherished interactions with my family when the workday ends.

Ideally, when I walk through the doors of my home, I transform from Wonder “Business” Woman into a loving wife and devoted mother. If I am “bringing my work home with me,” meaning that I am allowing the negative aspects of what happened during my 9 to 5 life to affect my home time, I am not truly seeking success. I owe it to the people I love to leave my work baggage at the door and embrace every second I can spend with them. If not, I am not successfully being the wife and mother I am capable of being.

Additionally, if I am working to provide a better life for them but am not doing that because of my negative attitude, then I am also losing as an entrepreneur.

Though this is sometimes a delicate (and difficult) balance to achieve, as an entrepreneur, when you love what you do, it spills over into all aspects of your life, making you truly successful on every front!