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4 McClaughry Place Canberra, ACT 2904 Australia

Busy Made Simple assists small business owners by organising aspects in business they just don’t have time for, saving them both time and money. Kirsten is an Online Business Manager with a small but reliable team of Virtual Assistants in Canberra. They work with small business owners across Australia to develop and maintain websites, find a more efficient and streamlined way of doing business and maintain business administration processes.

Busy Made Simple can provide you with a reliable solution to everyday tasks without the commitment of a full-time employee. As a result, creating a more consistent customer experience, giving you relief from time-consuming tasks, and getting you back to what really matters.

With an Online Business Manager, you will have one point of contact to call upon for anything. There’s no more researching, frustrating phone calls or backlog of tasks you’ve been meaning to complete. Whether you need a client followed up, a new form created, a website developed, a new system in place or just an email replied to… the list goes on. Kirsten will be there to support you in the growth of your business and to help you take it to the next level.

Kirsten knows that there is no one out there that cares for your business as much as you do, but she will come pretty damn close. She is an Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant that will care about you, your business needs, your customers and business growth. She wants your business to grow and flourish and knows you are busy (with your life and in business) which is why she makes things as easy and simple for you as possible. Whether you need a business manager, a new website or SEO strategy, to streamline your processes or put marketing strategies in place, Busy Made Simple is EXACTLY that! We complete tasks to make your life as simple as possible to get on with the job at hand, making your life in business an enjoyable one.

Suite 3 211 Concord Road North Strathfield, NSW 2137

Canale Tax and Accounting has extensive experience servicing local businesses and individuals. We have an in-depth knowledge about the requirements of typical local businesses such as cafes and restaurants, building and construction, real estate and strata, hairdressers, insurance brokers, mechanics and more.

With mountains of forms and new rules to sift through each year, doing your income tax can be frustrating. When you run a business, BAS, GST and PAYG taxes are work that most people would rather avoid. Dealing with tax regularly, Canale Tax and Accounting know all the little tricks to get you the best return and save you a lot of stress.

Our advice on how to maximise your deductions and other methods to save on tax make hiring us a no brainer. If you would like to get started with negative gearing we can show you how to make the most of your property investment portfolio.

6-32 Dudley Ave Sydney, New South Wales 2020 Australia

HFTrading is a regulated Australian company that provides customers with an advanced and highly secure trading platform. Explore the world through trading.

HFTrading offers a variety of accounts to complement the profile of their clients without differentiating if the investor is a newcomer or a season veteran trader. The firm provides three types of accounts:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Range of Markets offered by HFTrading:

HFTrading offers access to hundreds of instruments from different markets around the world, some of them count with high rates of volatility, so savvy investors can take advantage of these price fluctuations.

Particularly, the firm provides access to five markets and the most important instruments in each category.

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and altcoins)
  • Commodities (Metals included)
  • Forex
  • Shares
  • Indices

Who Regulates HFTrading?

HFTrading is operated by CTRL Investment ltd, which is a company that conducts business in New Zealand and Australia, therefore it is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the New Zealand Financial Market Authority. Those two credentials give legal support to the name of the brand to execute their financial operation on behalf of the clients.

Final Words:

HFTrading is a broker with competitive trading conditions in terms of spreads and leverage where many traders can find a suitable investment solution that meets their criteria, additionally, the legal support given by the regulation of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the New Zealand Financial Market Authority are credentials that reinforce the trust of the brand in the market.

Suite 3887, 805/220 Collins St Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Profit First is a money management system designed to ensure businesses are profitable and sustainable starting today. Profit First Australia leads the team of Certified Profit First Professionals in Australia, we provide training to Profit First Professionals and a resource base for everything Profit First in Australia.

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