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Grownomics is a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne that services businesses across Australia. Grownomics is a leader in Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, eMail Marketing, and many more services.

We are a Small Business Digital Marketing Agency that puts your business first. Delivering results that empower small businesses acheive sustained growth.

PO BOX 3658 Wareemba, New South Wales 2046

Need help to understand marketing?
Know what you want to say, but struggle to make it sound good?

I’m Beck from Marketing Goodness.

A marketing strategist and content creator based in Sydney with over 20 years experience.


I can help you:

  • focus on what’s important to growing your business
  • clarify your messages so you connect with your customers and attract new ones,
  • understand what you need to measure (hint, likes don’t pay the bills)
  • and write words that sound like you but better.

Want help, but don’t know where to start?

Here are the most popular marketing tasks I help with:

  • a marketing strategy that supports your business dreams
  • getting you started on LinkedIn and training you how to use it (I’ll even write your profile for you)
  • write words for your website that engages your ideal audience and encourages them to act
  • write e-books and articles on your behalf
  • plan the type of content you should be posting on social media
  • review and suggest improvements for customer communications

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to go.

Let’s chat.

We can also connect over on LinkedIn 




Edgar is a smarter social media scheduler.

Edgar breaks the cycle of spending hours manually refilling an empty update queue, and gives every update more chances to find an audience.

Edgar automatically reshares your social updates. In addition to being a pretty awesome scheduler that sends out your social posts whenever you like, Edgar also reshares your evergreen content on a schedule you decide.

Why this is cool: A single social media update reaches only a tiny fragment of your audience. By publishing it more than once, Edgar puts it in front of more and more people, giving your work the exposure it deserves!
No feature gating. You get every single feature when you sign up, and a streamlined user interface that makes scheduling easy.

Why this is cool: Who has time for game-playing? We don’t! We want people to hit the ground running and see results right away.
Save 8 hours a week! We measured it – that’s over 400 glorious hours a year NOT spent on the all-too-familiar social media babysitting/panic-posting cycle.

Why this is cool: What would you do with a whole workday back, every week? We bet it has nothing to do with social media chores.

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