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  • Get paid. On time. In full.
  • We are Australia’s ONLY debt preventers.
  • Use our process and you will get paid.
  • It is really that simple.

Stop losing money – if you need to use a debt collector then you are treating the symptom, not the problem.
Your problem started well before your customer didn’t pay you.

We provide you with the ideal credit process – every part of it is covered.

There are four main steps:

Identifying the entity you intend to do business with is critical – after all, it is practically impossible to enforce an agreement made with the wrong entity.

Did you know that a verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it is written on?
Seriously though, if you do not have terms IN WRITING and agreed to PRIOR to debt being incurred then you have no terms at all.

Due Diligence
Identifying the entity you are dealing with and giving them your terms is a great start – but what if they can’t afford to pay you?

Then where does that leave you? Due diligence is how you gain a more in depth insight into your client.
You need to know if this new customer has not paid other suppliers before – because this shows a pattern and may make you rethink issuing credit to them.

Remember, when you issue credit you are effectively lending money to that customer.

Would you be so quick to hand out cash if you knew they didn’t pay their other suppliers?

Did you know that if your customer goes into liquidation, it doesn’t have to mean you lose EVERYTHING?

That it is possible to not only to get paid, but to KEEP the money you have already made from them?
Did you know that you can be secured as a creditor at the same level as the bank?

The PPSA has made all of this possible – but only IF you follow the right process.

We give you the ability to become a secured creditor with a mere click of a button!

Let us help you today – grab a free demo account here:

The demo is completely free and shows you how our process works. It is not time limited, but it will only allow you to add 2 commercial customers (your own entity and Bulletproof My Business Pty Ltd)

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