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30 Light Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
30 Light Street Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006 AU

Harbren Marketing are marketing specialists who provide marketing strategypersonalised trainingmentoring and coaching support for small businesses that want to setup the foundations for growth.

Harbren Marketing takes a hands-on, practical approach to helping small businesses develop marketing expertise and systems that are repeatable and scalable. This enables your own internal marketing smarts to expand to meet your needs without losing any valuable knowledge and experience gained along the way.

After returning from a stint overseas, Jill setup her own business to sell products online. While her first product was not successful, she gained valuable (and expensive!) insights into what worked and what didn’t. She was then able to use that experience to run successful marketing campaigns for a range of companies in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

The companies Harbren Marketing works with are often stuck in a turnover rut and want to connect with a bigger audience so they can make more money and enrich lives with their clever solutions.

Paddington, Queensland, Australia 3.66 km
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