Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
350 Bourke Street Melbourne Victoria 3004 AU

Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula copywriter providing top-quality, affordable copy to small and medium businesses.

I write top quality, creative and affordable copy that’s effective, engaging and customer focused.

By taking the time to understand your business and your unique point of difference, I produce quality, memorable content that stands out from your competition.

I work with small and medium businesses, digital and marketing agencies.

From regional tourism, food and wine industries to professional services including finance, accounting, law and health.

I’ve got a track record of writing content that helps them convert readers into long term customers.

With over a decade of writing experience, up to date SEO knowledge, a business and marketing background and the ability to think outside the box, here’s how I can help your business:
Copywriting: including brochures and speaker’s kits
Website copywriting: SEO copywriting that’s appealing to your audience while being Google friendly
Blog copywriting: ghost blogging, including LinkedIn long posts.
Newsletter copywriting: newsletter copywriting to inform, inspire and convert.

Why do I do this?

My purpose is clear – it’s to:

  • Highlight your awesomeness in language that speaks to your audience
  • Help you rise above the online noise and to create fabulous content, written in your voice – no more wasting energy and time jumping up and down, desperate to be noticed and heard.
  • Guide your audience further into your website, to discover how you can help them and why you’re different.
  • Make your audience feel so heard, noticed and connected with that they share, comment and engage with you effortlessly.
  • Encourage and help you to embrace the content creation process – from social media and blog post, to newsletters, speaker profiles and thank you notes.



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