Many business owners, particularly those who own a small business, are reluctant to invest in a quality website for a variety of reasons. Some believe they already have their finger on the pulse of their target market. Others focus all of their attention on their social media presence and don’t want to fund another investment. And many just feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating a professional-looking website and don’t know where to start.

However, a recent study found that 90% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, supporting the idea that websites are not reserved for global companies. Your small business needs one, too.

business website

Still not convinced? Consider these arguments for creating a website:

It establishes you as a professional

According to a recent survey, 84% of consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one with social media only. Having a professional website makes you and your business look … well, professional. It drives the perception of you as an expert in your field.

Additionally, having your own website allows you to create a branded email address. Incorporating your business name into your email address once again increases the public’s perception of your business as a trustworthy one.

It helps clients find you online

Some business owners feel they have plenty of customers who know how to find them. However, attrition rates are real and any savvy business owner should be consistently wooing new clients. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make your business searchable on Google.

Having a highly-optimised website can (and will) help you attract new customers. And, in the current age of on-the-go searching for businesses (thanks, smartphones!), having a website ensures customers who are looking for your services can actually find you.

It eliminates confusion

The odds are high that, regardless of what business you’re in, you have competitors in your area offering similar services.

By creating a well-branded website, you are providing a clear explanation of who you are as a business and how you are differentiating yourself from the competition.

It gives you your own corner of the web

Some businesses owners brush off the idea of maintaining a website, laying all of their business eggs in the social media basket. While I am in favour of having a cohesive social media presence that compliments your brand and business, I really believe you should invest in both.

Without sounding like a doomsday prepper, there’s something to be said about covering all of your bases, just in case. We all saw the panic that ensued among TikTok influencers when the app was at risk of disappearing. After all, they’d invested substantial amounts of cash in the platform and suddenly there was a real chance that it could be gone.

Creating your own website ensures your business will still be visible, regardless of which social media platforms come and go.

It allows you to sing your own praises

Your website is the perfect place to showcase positive reviews from satisfied customers, which also helps potential clients understand why they should choose your business over others.

Allowing clients access to what others think of and have experienced with your business boosts your social proof — the signals that indicate yours is a legitimate and trustworthy business.

When you have your own website, prospective clients don’t have to hunt through several sites, gathering information about your business. You’ve done the hard work, pulling positive reviews from a variety of sources and posting them in one convenient location.

It puts control in your hands

You’re in control of your business. You should also control how your business is viewed by others.

When you have your own website, you have the power to craft content that is relevant to your customers and on brand. You don’t have to worry about whether a marketing service is going to understand the vision of your business.

It allows customers to reach you instantly

Customers come to a website because they want to know what you do and how to reach you for additional information. Having your contact information readily available on the homepage of your site helps clients get in touch.

You can also provide opt-in options for customers, allowing them to share their email address and sign up for promotional emails and/or newsletters.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating

While the idea of creating a website from scratch can feel overwhelming, the website building world has come a long way. It is no longer necessary to hire a professional site designer in order to have a professional looking web page.

Website builders like Squarespace and Wix are incredibly user friendly and provide hours of tutorial videos, ensuring you’ll be able to build a professional looking and visually appealing website without breaking the bank.

Perhaps you’ve been sitting on the proverbial fence, wondering if your business really needs a website. The good news is, if you choose to take a leap into the online world, there are an infinite number of websites and services that can help make your own website a reality without blowing your marketing budget. Consider the investment in a website to be money well spent.