Many business owners consider the idea of putting together a course or membership site, whether it be as part of a product or service they sell or simply as a way to add on what they already offer. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of websites out there offering courses and membership sites, and a lot of information telling you how to do it, it isn’t always easy. Courses that had a lot of potential often go back to the drawing board, waiting for another time.

Thinkific changes this. With everything you need to build and design your course or membership site, market and sell access as well as offer a range of support levels to your students, it is becoming more popular with a range of entrepreneurs looking to share their knowledge.

Easy to Use and Customise

Thinkific allows you to customise your course or site with hundreds of features without the need for you to know any coding. You can build your course or site without needing to hire a tech support person.

There isn’t a lot of course creation software out there that gives you the ability to run your course how you want. With Thinkific you have control over the design and look of your course or membership site, content, pricing, what information you provide and so much more. Even better is that you get paid straight away, and you own all of your data.

If you’ve ever tried to set up a course or membership site before, you’ve probably realised just how much time it takes, not only to set up your course, but to communicate with everyone, send out certificates, and ensure you have a course that really is world class.

No Risk – Test Free – Unlimited Students

Usually when a program is offered for free, you are quite limited in what you can do. But this is why Thinkific is a favourite in the BBB office – with the free option, while you’ll be limited to how many courses you can run, you get unlimited students, access to quizzes, surveys and content hosting and that instant access to funds we mentioned earlier.

Once you realise that Thinkific works for you, you can step up in pricing structures when you need to, accessing more features each time.

With so many people looking to learn more and update their skills, why not take a look at what Thinkific has to offer – you might be surprised at just how easy it is to get started.

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