A rule of business has always been that it is far easier to sell to existing customers than it is to enthuse new people with our products and services. This is because when we provide high-quality services and complement services with a pleasant transaction experience, we help build loyalty with the people we do business with.


The only problem is that with the advent of e-commerce and online sales, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build loyalty face to face and/or through direct interactions. What businesses can do, however, is start building better loyalty via social media interactions.

Understanding how to Build Loyalty via Social Media

When attempting to build better customer loyalty via social media, it’s imperative that you succeed in getting customers to like and follow you on social media in the first place. The only problem? Well, literally everyone is trying to do exactly the same thing. This being the case, a great way to encourage connections and future loyalty is to give your customers an incentive to follow.


From competitions to flash sales targeted exclusively at your social media followers, customers love being given a strong incentive to follow the businesses and individuals who they interact with every day.

Maintaining Interest & Customer Loyalty

Of course, customer loyalty won’t come about after just one free competition entry or free gift. Instead, for your customers to keep on following you, you need to keep giving them new incentives. This being the case, it is imperative to keep an eye on what social media trends seem to align with the interests of your target audience. When you have identified different trends, you then need to create content which reflects your customer’s interests accordingly.

Customer Support & Client Testimonials

Another way to motivate your social media followers is to always make sure to respond to any and all social media based customer service requests. Is one of your customers dissatisfied with a product or service? If so, make sure to remedy this situation and demonstrate to other followers that you are fully committed to customer service.

At the same time, people love it when they are asked for their opinion in regard to products and services which they have purchased. This being the case, if you have a return customer who seems to always appreciate the service they receive, think about giving them an incentive to leave a testimonial or even social media-based video testimonial on your Facebook page. This way, you will be putting a real face on your customers and succeed in building both better trust and loyalty at the same time.

The Importance of Having a Legitimate Marketing Plan

Perhaps most importantly of all, don’t play social media marketing or any loyalty building program by ear. For you to be successful in building stronger engagement, you need to plan what incentives you will give to your customers, be committed to regular social media posting. and of course, be just as committed to providing your customers with genuinely engaging content in the first place.

How else are you fostering better customer loyalty in your business?