In March, Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg released a long-form blog post outlining how Facebook’s future heavily revolved around messaging and increasing Facebook’s privacy standards. This focused tightly on building a private messaging system for businesses and individuals to use. They also planned to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger in one centralised location. But, what does this mean for you and how do you prepare for it?

Simply put, this merger means that businesses have a more intimate communication hub to reach out and connect to their audiences. You’ll also be able to seamlessly reach and market across several platforms from one location. This is huge because it immediately gives you access to whole new client bases and marketing opportunities. Businesses will be able to capitalise on these platforms to get their products or services out to a receptive audience. In turn, they can see an increase in their conversion rates.

How to Prepare for Facebook’s Messaging Hub

There are several things you can do to help prepare for this significant merger. You want to get started as quickly as possible, so you’re more than ready to launch your marketing plan when the messaging hub goes live. Things you can do include:

  • Jumpstart Your Chatbot Program – Since this new platform’s heart is messaging, chatbot systems can be invaluable. Your chatbot will ensure that you have something on-hand for your customer’s questions or concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can boost your engagement and customer satisfaction scores, and potential customers will be more apt to try your products or services when they see and hear about this dedication.
  • Facebook Messenger Campaigns – The second thing you can do to put your company ahead of your competition is put together a Facebook messenger marketing campaign. This campaign will help your brand gain attention, and it’ll also help to build your reputation as a leader in your field if you’re one of the first companies coming out with a tailored plan to fit the new communication hub.
  • Continue Your SEO Optimisation – You don’t want to be left with empty feeds, and optimising all of your content across the different platforms can boost your brand to the top of the search rankings. Facebook is slowly morphing to a search engine, and you’ll need SEO practices to stay relevant. Work your chosen keywords into all your content and strategies, and routinely perform A/B testing and swap them out as you need.

How Professionals Can help

Overwhelmed? Perhaps you have questions. Either way, our staff of  Social Media Experts are ready and willing to help you prepare your company for Facebook’s new future as a messaging giant. Don’t be left behind!