There is an ever growing following for starting your own business. Removing yourself from the rat race, to fulfil your dream of financial, lifestyle, passion & freedom goals. You’ve seen it before, right?

Finding Motivation

While the levels of achievement you hear about, all can be so true, business is not an overnight success story that we are often lead to believe. Ask anyone who has just sprung out of the shadows and all of a sudden you see them everywhere – seemingly an overnight success – the work that was put into not only their business, but themselves is critical. Oh, and they didn’t start yesterday.

I work with many business owners and also within businesses on leadership, confidence, resilience, communication, just to name a few. I see people getting disheartened at a time where they are feeling unmotivated, unsuccessful and comparing themselves to everyone else, deep down wondering if they will ever be as good as the next person, and able to ‘make it’.

Will power kicks in, their self talk starts with “I must…”, “I should be…”, “What’s wrong with me…”. They somehow believe that bullying themselves into action will create sustainable results, and motivation to continue.

Feeling unmotivated can come from a wide range of aspects, sometimes as simple as doing things in our business (or life) that actually don’t suit us, or sit well with us deep down. Yet how often do you stop to consider what your genius zone(s) are, what are the reasons you began and get right back down to the basics in your business?

Adding levels of complexity, rather than keeping it simple and consistent make it harder for you to feel motivated over the long run.

So, where to start?

1. Check in with your values & your why in business – have you outlined them and are making sure you are operating with this in mind every. single. day? If you need support check out my free template here.

2. Next, check in with your self talk – actually take the time to write down the words you are saying to yourself. If you heard them from someone else, would you want to listen?

3. What are you resisting? Is there an area in your business that you find tough to deal with, so you just avoid it? Get support. There are an endless list of support professionals out there, and even if you are starting out in business sometimes swapping skills in the interim can be all you need to do. Don’t suffer because you can’t see a way out. If you feel stuck, list 20 different ways to view the situation. (Yes, 20!)

4. Picture the finished task or the OUTCOME of the finished task – rather than the process of doing the task. Why are you aiming for this (outcome) – if it doesn’t motivate you in the first place, check in with points 1-3 again.

5. Chunk your outcome down into manageable tasks. When you picture it all at once, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing a tiny step that is easy to complete is a lot more motivating, and with one foot in front of the other, before you know it – taaaa-daaaa!

Your financial, freedom, lifestyle, passions in business, goals all can be possible. Sometimes getting out of your own head is all it takes. Put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Your motivation in business for unstoppable success is a lot easier than we often make it out to be.