Following up and why this is the lifeline of your business

Whenever speaking to people in business the one thing that is letting their business down is not following up or doing it for a few months and then stopping.

Follow up your customers

Why do you follow up potential customers, potential team members?

Thanks for asking well for one it gives you another opportunity to let people know who you are and what you do. It takes 7 contacts to make an impression and also to build trust.

What 7 contacts are you doing to make that impression?

It could be face to face, by phone, email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat or a networking event. Really think about your brand and how you attract people to you.

What benefits can you and your business see from following up?

That is something that can be measured with your email campaigns, your phone calling etc. It is important to always be thinking of the customer, add value to them and offer them something that solves their problem.

When I was with a direct sales business follow up was very strong with me as it still is. I used to ring twice a week from 7.30pm to 8.30pm my goal was to contact people for bookings, sales, potential team members and team members. I always got off the phone with at least 3 new bookings, one new sale and one interview booked, had contacted my team to see what I could help them with.

By doing this follow up I was building a habit of being a servant to my customers and team members. It felt good to be there for them and I didn’t think ever that I was ‘pushy’. I just knew that everyone wanted a pamper and I was there for them.

Developing a habit of following up is like everything in your business it takes time but once you have it in your to do list daily it will become second nature.

My business did benefit because more people booked with me, more sales and more team members. There was momentum going and nothing was going to stop me.

There are so many benefits to your customers. They get the products they need at a discount or for free, they build trust in you that you will supply them with their products ASAP, customers know that every 2 or 3 months that you are going to call and ask them if they need anything. This sets up a relationship of service and not being ‘pushy’.

Just a simple thank you goes a long way to keeping your customers with you. I used to give thank you cards when I left parties, I then would send thank you letters for people that I had met. Just a small gesture but I had customers buying off me for years.

Tips to use:

1. Add value to your customers
2. Thank you goes a long way
3. Getting a personal letter or card in the mail brightens a person’s day
4. Ringing your customers is part of your job description