SEO is a fiercely competitive niche, and it’s important to find an SEO company Melbourne residents trust to help improve your SEO strategy. Whether you’re a big or small business, or even a single person trying to break into the SERPs, a strong SEO strategy is key. But, what makes a great SEO company and how do you find one? We’ll explain, next.

1. Experience

Since SEO is continually evolving, the company or individual you choose should have lots of experience to back up their claims. Anyone with a laptop and sweat-pants can set up an “SEO company” and claim to be an “expert” overnight, so the company you choose should have at least a few years of experience and an in-depth understanding of how SEO works on all levels. So many updates have happened over the years. A great separating or insider question can be, how many algorithm changes have you gone through in your career?

2. Communication Skills

SEO can be very technical and confusing to someone who doesn’t understand the terms, and your SEO partner has to be able to clearly communicate their goals or ideas. They’ll have to be able to tell you why they’re making changes to your website or strategy, and they’ll have to do it in terms that everyone understands. This includes talking to the IT team and your C-level executives.

In simple terms, you only have to understand 2 terms in SEO. Optimisation and Authority.

  •  Optimization

Optimization is making sure that Google can understand what keywords you’re targeting, which services and products you sell, and where you sell them.

  • Authority

Authority is making sure that Google knows you have the best content for their users. To grow your website’s authority, you must put out such great and informative content that people naturally share your content and link to your content.

That’s SEO!

3. An In-Depth Understanding of the Different SEO Levels

The last thing you want is a one-dimensional SEO strategy for your business or website. Instead, you should invest in an SEO company Melbourne businesses trust, that has an in-depth understanding of all levels of SEO. This includes the technical aspects like ensuring the site has a structure for the search engines to crawl, on-page optimisation to drive traffic and off-page optimisation like link building.

4. Successful Portfolio and Happy Clients

Since anyone can talk a good game, having a reputation for satisfied and happy clients along with a portfolio of successful work is critical. With dozens of SEO agencies in Melbourne, it pays to take a little time to research reviews and ask for references. If the agency can’t provide you with them, they most likely don’t have them. If this is the case, move on until you find one with a solid reputation.