For service based businesses proposals are a part of life and now Freshbooks are making it easy for you to put your proposals together right inside Freshbooks!

Late last year, the team at FreshBooks introduced the highly-anticipated proposals feature.

Now you can create a professional-grade pitch as easily as you can whip up invoices and estimates with Freshbooks

Most small business owner will be familiar with creating proposals in Word or InDesign, PDF them and email back and forth you’re your clients. And it can unnecessarily cumbersome and time-consuming. Let alone confusing to know which version you sent.

Enter FreshBooks’ Latest Feature: Proposals

“Proposals focuses on the value a business owner is offering a client as opposed to just the services or costs that you might find in an estimate,” explains Thais Amaral, a user experience designer at FreshBooks.

“[Using Proposals], you might remind the client what problem you’re solving, describe your process, offer a timeline and share a little bit about your business. These are all important things for creative professionals to express to explain the value of the service they provide.”

Like most great product improvements, the idea for the new feature came from FreshBooks customers themselves. In the quest to constantly improve, the product development team regularly interviews small business owners who use FreshBooks and pores over the feedback they get.

They heard from many professionals that proposals are an important step to securing new work and clients. Adding Proposals to FreshBooks was a logical step to creating an efficient process “from pitch to paid”.

The Freshbooks product development team expects creative professionals will benefit the most from it.

“Clients may never have worked with a creative professional before, so it’s especially important for this group of business owners to thoroughly convey the value, scope, timeline and deliverables with the client up front,” said Lindsay Rothman, FreshBooks lead product manager.

Proposals can be sent as follow-ups to great meetings, responses to RFPs (request for proposal) and can even be used as cold pitches to new clients.

Proposals Features include:

  • Your company logo
  • Custom sections like Overview, Scope of Work and Timeline
  • Pricing (using the same format as Estimates and Invoices)
  • Notes
  • Terms

Making it easier to outline what is on offer to your clients. Available to Freshbooks users on
Plus and Premium plans Proposals is here to make your pitching life easier find them on your FreshBooks Estimates Page

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