Have you ever heard someone talking about the rule of 52 and 17? If you have, you probably heard about it in your workplace. This is because the rule of 52 and 17 is a short burst work method proven valuable in numerous settings to increase worker productivity.

How Does The Rule of 52 and 17 Work?

The rule of 52 and 17 is a variation to the Pomodoro technique. It’s similar in that you work for a specified amount of time before taking a break for a certain number of minutes. The only real difference is the length of your work sessions and breaks. With the 52/17 method, you work for 52 minutes before taking a 17-minute break. Like the Pomodoro method, the regular breaks increase your productivity by giving your brain the rest it needs between bursts of work.

Why Would You Use It?

If you are already using a short burst work method, 52 minutes of working may seem like a long time without a break. And it is. The problem is that many work tasks take longer than the Pomodoro Method’s 25-minute blocks. Also, a timer going off every 25 minutes might break you out of any flow state you have been able to achieve. On top of that, a longer 17-minute break allows you to disengage from your work more effectively. It is enough time to grab a quick bite to refuel your energy or even take a brisk walk to get your creative juices flowing again.

Does It Work?

Absolutely! The rule of 52 and 17 has been proven widely effective in several workplaces all over the world! The creators of the 52/17 method based it on their employee-tracking software that thousands of companies worldwide have used. Their data showed that employees who took regular, effective breaks were more productive than working for multiple hours with only a lunch break. The employees tend to work with more dedication during the 52-minute work stretch because they know the 17-minute break is coming.

I am in love with the 52/17 technique! I have been mixing 52 minutes of computer-based work such as writing or developing products with 17 minutes of listening to an audiobook while doing some housework. I’m finding 52 minutes is great for getting my head into the zone and producing quality work. 17 minutes seems just right to walk about and clear the cobwebs. Plus a big bonus for me is that at the end of my work day I’ve already done my housework and can switch off and relax. I love it when the work just happens!