Clear and mistake-free documents and content are important for anyone, whether you run a small business, write documents and emails for a large business or are a student. The problem is, most of us read our documents and content so many times that we know what it’s meant to say and we often skip mistakes because we just don’t see them.

Grammarly changes this. This writing app, which you install as a free browser extension, ensures not only that everything you write is correct, but that it is also easy to read, clear and simply makes sense. The algorithms built into the software flags issues in your text, and offers suggestions on how you can change the content, whether that be through grammar usage, spelling, word length and punctuation. It can even pick up plagiarism.

Free Spelling and Grammar Checker

As a free spelling and grammar checker, Grammarly is extremely useful. It works with emails, messages, documents, social media and much more. Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, it’s an easy download and you can get started straight away. With basic writing suggestions, your documents and content will read better and look better.

If you feel you need more than the free version, Grammarly Premium offers more including:

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Adjustments in tone
  • Sentence clarity

Documents and content affect how people see your business. Content that doesn’t make sense will turn readers away, and you’ll have to work harder to get their attention. Well crafted and concise content that engages, will work for you and continue to get you ongoing engagement.

Grammarly is safe to use, and any data that goes through the software is completely private and encrypted allowing you to keep your data and content safe.

Every business needs a second pair of eyes to run over documents, important emails, social media posts and content. Grammarly gives you instant feedback so you can correct your grammar and spelling as you go.

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