All too often, it’s easy to get lost in the common business day mini epidemics centred around the usual accounts, HR, unsatisfied customers, late orders and so much more issues we’re all faced with.

Most entrepreneurs like us are also are all too aware of the trials and tribulations of trying to get our businesses off the ground no doubt.

However, what many of us busy budding successful business people tend to overlook or put on the back burner for another day when we have more time (right! When was the last time that happened?) is our health.

What does this mean?

It can hurt our business in the long-term a lot more than any of the other aspects we worry so much about and not only affects our work life, but our personal life (that we try so hard to keep separate from our business) too.

Here’s why …

Health and Work have a love and hate relationship

Health affects work and work affects health – it’s as simple as that!

Though it may sound simplistic, studies reveal that work and health share an intricate, interwoven bond and that one cannot exist efficiently without the other. Seeing as most of us have no choice but to work (which is important in my mind because I truly do believe in the old adage of an empty mind being a devil’s workshop), what we all really must focus on is keeping ourselves as healthy as possible.

To achieve a balanced harmony within ourselves, it is important to focus on our spiritual (through meditation and contemplative reflection) wellbeing, physical health (via an appropriate amount of exercise, eating fresh health food and using natural products on our bodies) and emotional health (when we feel complete on the inside – we have a solid family life, our basic needs are being met and we have a sense of general wellness).

Though spiritual and emotional health is very much a personal journey we all take through a variety of “vehicles” (you may wind down with a cup of tea with some friends, or perhaps your time off involves snuggling up in your favourite armchair with a good read), today, I’d like to focus on your physical health through better, more informed organic based choices.

Be careful of what you put inside your body

Aside from the many internal benefits eating good food does, our outer appearance is also a reflection of our inner health.

Good food not only ensures that we’re at our best; the fact is that when we feel good on the inside, we look better because of it.

It’s what we like to call here at Nim-Véda Australia the release of our Happy-Hormones.

Good wholesome and nutritious Organic Food feeds our bodies with what they were always meant to except without all the preservatives, pesticides and manmade many off the shelf foods may contain.

Recent research has suggested that the abundance of Genetically Modified Foods or GMOs as they’re coften termed may have devastating side effects on our internal health.

Try spicing up your diet with nutritious organic and certified organic options while reducing your intake of canned and fast foods. If you’re unable to use organic ingredients all the time, try a variety – attempting to cook fresh vegetables, fruits and meats more days than not and see the difference you and your family feel.

We’re sure you’ll feel happier and much more confident in your body as a result.

Use Natural Products when you can

With the increased uptake of natural products for everyday body care solutions, this one is easily achieved nowadays. With the countless health outlets mushrooming everywhere, it’s obvious that more of us are turning to Mother Nature to take care of our physical needs now and for good reason.

Natural Products (like foods) are made from a limited number of chemicals and other harmful ingredients conventional products may contain.

Because skin is our largest organ, it makes sense that what we choose to put on it would have a substantial impact.

The pores on our skin are directly connected with our blood stream which is why some of us blow up like blowfish if we come in contact with something our bodies dismiss (this is what allergies are).

This is Mother Nature’s way of telling us uh-uh!

Using natural products is like a Mother’s touch to her child – non-invasive and tenderly loving. In three words – the awesome stuff!

Why is this important I hear you ask?

It’s important because skin that loves what you apply on it is going to display its appreciation with fewer breakouts, rashes, permanent scarring and oiliness.

Are you and Nature on talking terms?

I hope that I’ve been able to at least introduce you to the idea of working with Nature to boost your health.

Even if all you do is flirt with the idea of introducing some more natural elements into your life for now (where you dabble with a few natural options for your diet or personal care), I think it’s a step in the right direction for both you and your business/work life.

Do you have any success stories working with nature, particularly as they relate to your work life?

Let us know in the comments section and release your natural happy hormones!