According to Statista, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online by 2021, up from 1.66 billion global buyers in 2016. It’s a new age of civilisation. We have transitioned from shopping in physical markets and stores to doing business online and buying digital products via smartphone sitting on the sofa in a matter of a decade or two.

The e-commerce industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that has come to stay. Millions of digital and physical goods are sold online every day. Among buyers, the industry is popular for its fluidity and ease of transactions.

selling online

For the businessperson, it is famed for its potential for recurring income and endless opportunities.
To succeed as a seller, you must offer high-quality products that are in demand by consumers. With the right mix of information, digital creation tools, and a creative mind, you are set to go.

Are you a digital creator looking to make progress in the industry? Are you looking for high demand e-commerce digital products ideas to tap from in 2021? In need of the tools and tips to create them? Read on!

Why You Should Consider E-Commerce

– Easy to start
– Unlimited ideas
– Removes the risk of handling physical products
– May not require as much attention as a physical retail space
– One product may be sold multiple times

High Demand E-Commerce Digital Products Ideas

Creativity boosts business. You may synthesise original, never-before-seen ideas. But if that doesn’t happen, you can find ways to improve on existing products from your personal experience of using them. There are numerous benefits associated with selling digital products. There are low overhead costs, yet great profit margins. Also, the products are flexible and can be modified however way you see fit or that best fits your brand. Plus, e-courses are the future! Best to get in on this field now as its expanding faster than ever before. To become successful in an online business, you must stay aware of the most popular trends and consumer preferences.

Here are some of the e-commerce digital products currently in high demand.

Online Courses

The ever-popular online courses are always a good idea and are currently in high demand. This is a great idea to make money from your wealth of knowledge. Being an online tutor/coach can be both financially and mentally rewarding. Courses range from simple courses on personal growth to advanced concepts like neuromarketing.
What’s better is that they don’t take too many resources to create as digital products. You’ll be needing rich
content, digital content creation tools, and good promotion skills but not much else. However, they may require you to invest some time and energy, but this is worth it in the long run.

Your primary goal must be to ensure great value for money. This is key to successful courses as digital products.

Pro tip: Start with the basics. You can make improvements over time, adding value for both you and your students.


Most of us have downloaded an e-book at one point or the other. E-books are an easy, portable way to grab knowledge on the go. Customers are delighted to be saved the sheer effort of lugging books along in heavy packs. Tap into this. Writing and publishing an e-book may look daunting but it doesn’t have to be. There are endless
opportunities for publication, from novels or books on dating to the more complex books on artificial intelligence. You may also compile interesting life experiences in an e-book and create digital products out of it. You may also consider making e-versions of your hard copy books. A popular example is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
Digital tools to help you through the process of writing, editing, and publishing e-books are plentiful.

Audio-visual digital products and templates

Pinterest? Shutterstock? Ring a bell? It’s a pretty good idea to make money from helping save time. You may decide to create digital products that make things easier for your fellow creators. Pre-recorded videos, images, audios, and even templates for scripts and designs are in high demand. People will pay you for a license to use your videos or instrumentals in their work. If you’re a photographer, you may create a variety of pictures that can serve different purposes for which people can pay to license. You may adopt a complex mix of colors, fonts, scenes, props, backgrounds, and tones to give other creators value for their money. This will rake in cash multiple times on just a few digital products.


Get creative. From soft-copy diaries to planners to checklist makers. There’s really no limit to the number or
style of printables to make. The upside? These are super easy and fun to make. Don’t forget to include gift cards and personalised cards. Digital products will become physical for the end customer.


SaaS companies are all the rage at the moment. The reason is obvious. With more people venturing into online businesses, apps are in constant demand. Your web developer skills would always come in handy. From web-based apps to mobile apps and even video games, you’d make a fortune with these types of digital products.

Subscription membership

This is a great way of making recurring income, especially if you have consistent customers. You may create an online community for people with common interests to share ideas. Businesses may also create online communities for new and existing customers. Subscription membership allows access to the community for a fee. Members would have to renew their subscription to gain access to content.

Another strategy to use would be the creation of a personalised newsletter. Subscribers to the newsletter gain access to exclusive content periodically. You can utilise the power of social media to showcase your content and gain more subscribers.

How to Start and Tools Needed for Digital Products

Choose your niche: You’ll need to be clear on the idea and the exact digital products /services you’d like to sell. Set up a template for execution. Your ideas are only executed crisply if you have both clarity and proper planning.

Set a plan in motion: The plan should cover the whys, hows, and what-ifs. You should sort out a host platform to use, digital tools for content creation, payment options, automation, branding, and analytics.

Sample opinions: Ask around and see if this is the sort of thing people are willing to buy your digital products. They may seek to invest in your brand or be the pioneer customers of a budding idea.

Add your touch: The market is super competitive. It is a bright idea to add your flavor to whatever range of digital products you put out. This helps greatly with branding and makes you stand out from the lot.

Create content: Herein lies the magic. Nothing beats high-quality content. Whether you are creating online courses or selling codes, be sure that your digital products are top-notch.

Sell: It is important to find ways to monetize your digital products/services. The aim is to make a profit, after all. You may choose to invest in ads and promotions especially in the early stages. Bring the spotlight to your product to draw the attention of potential customers.

Ultimately, the E-commerce industry is booming. If you do decide to be a part of it, take advantage of the wide array of services offered by various online course platforms. And be sure to stay on top of the trends and know where the demand is highest.