Over the last decade, social media has taken centre stage as the top performer in raising brand awareness. With more than 3 billion global users, it is not difficult to see why.

Facebook and Instagram are among the favourites for their innovative sharing tools. The Story feature for these platforms, which allows quick video bursts, is a popular tool among marketing professionals. Story is effective for chronicling an event or interesting topic, allowing incredible latitude for releasing creative and highly visual content.

Now, LinkedIn is realising the value of allowing a Story function and has added it to its lineup. LinkedIn boasts 675 million monthly users, with 30 million companies using the platform for B2B marketing and brand awareness. LinkedIn has gained traction globally in recent years, with 70 per cent of its users identifying their location as outside the U.S.

Before you begin using Story, it is important to connect with your target audience. Every brand has a target audience and it is imperative to speak directly to them in every official communication. Businesses that are new to LinkedIn and still trying to identify their target demographic can make great use of LinkedIn’s amazing analytic tools. LinkedIn allows users to zero in on individuals on the platform who would most benefit from their products or services.

There are several ways to use the new Story feature on LinkedIn to raise brand awareness.

1. Showing your human side

Story is an amazing tool for allowing brands to show their human side to customers while keeping their brand visible and relevant. In the last couple of months, brands have released personal statements on everything, from COVID-19 safety to systemic racism. Data supports the notion that consumers care about social issues. Using Story to share your brand’s values helps your customers feel connected in a more personal way.

2. Sharing real-time event updates

LinkedIn Story has a short life span, making it ideal for sharing quick updates from live events. This can include special ceremonies or brand announcements about new products and services. Generate buzz in your brand with these short teaser clips.

3. Hosting a Q&A

Consumers like to feel connected to their favourite brands. A great way to do that is with Story. Solicit questions from your target audience in advance. Then, invite the company CEO and other team members of your brand to record short video responses to the questions. Connecting customers with the faces representing your brand encourages a deeper connection between them and your brand.

How will you use this feature in your business?