You think you know your customer, right? They’re the person who walks through your door, uses your services and happily comes back for more. But how well do you really know this person that your business depends upon, and how do you find and appeal to others in their group?

Every business should have a very clear idea of who their ideal customer is, and the best way to define this is through understanding precisely what they want from you the business..

Clearly understanding who your ideal customer is and how they operate helps tailor your marketing and the products and services you provide.

Knowing who your customer is means you can find them more easily, service them better, save time and open your business to greater success and more word of mouth referrals.

How to Find & Identify your Ideal Client is a working day with Business Strategist and Business Business Business founder Clive Enever where he will walk you through the process of identifying your ideal customer for your business.

Clive will work with you to cover:

  • Who you ‘really’ want to work with – your ideal client
  • How you want to do what you do – when, where, how etc
  • What your ideal customer wants from you – expectation
  • How to identify your ideal customer – “knowing” your ideal customer
  • How to qualify your ideal customer – clearly identifying your ideal customer
  • Establishing the working relationship – managing expectation and outcome
  • Reducing Customer Service issues – more satisfied customers

Your ticket includes; the session with Clive Morning Tea, a Light Lunch and Afternoon Tea. PLUS a review of your ideal client description/persona with Clive via Zoom.

About Clive

As a successful business strategist, Clive Enever has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all key areas required to encourage business owners to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.
Helping you discover clarity to create your vision, confidence & purpose Clive helps align your view of your business with your clients’ view of your business. Whether business owners seek to increase their profits, improve sales results, streamline performance or develop staff, Clive assists in the ‘spring-boarding’ of business success.
Join Clive and discover how to find your ideal client!