Facebook takes up time, energy and frustration, but it can actually make you money.

So hands up. Who uses facebook? And who would like it to generate some income? Let’s cover the 8 Fundamentals of generating income off Facebook.

Without getting these 8 fundamentals right, your facebook will fail.


  1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Your personal brand is so important. At the end of the day people buy from people they know, love and trust. So if you are inconsistent with your personal branding people are going to get confused or they’re not going to trust you. You have to be authentic across all socials.
  2. KNOW YOUR IDEAL CLIENT, AND INTIMATELY! Their likes, their needs, their wants, their frustrations so you know how to talk to them and you know how to solve their problem. And you know how to make them happy.
  3. STALK YOUR COMPETITORS! This isn’t so you can copy it is what they can do. It is so that you can recognize what your points of difference are and you can stand out online because your points of difference are so important. And one of your points of difference is YOU. So make sure you put yourself in there.
  4. BRANDING CONSISTENCY. This includes your graphics not only your graphics but also your key messaging. So many people are lost coz their key messaging is confusing. It’s all random. So people don’t know what it is exactly what you do and you lose them. So branding consistency across all platforms.
  5. HAVE A STRATEGIC PLAN. So what is your overall intention? When you go onto social media what is my intention? What am I hoping to achieve? What is the outcome that I’m looking for? What is the action I’m going to take to get that outcome? How do I get them off social media quickly and into my pocket? Because its kind of like Tinder if you leave them there hanging for a while they’re likely to go cold. True story. I learned everything I know from Tinder.
  6. R AND R. No it’s not rest and relaxation. Its review and respond. We don’t just do these things, we take our time to review what it is that is working or not working and implement changes to make it better. Respond to people! Build genuine relationships with them.
  7. GET THEM OFF SOCIAL MEDIA, and QUICKLY. So this means you have to have a clear working call to action. The amount of calls to actions that I test on my clients that are broken is wild. Make sure that wherever you’re sending them, it is a one-step process that works. Get them added to your database or to a call to become a paying client.
  8. HAVE A PROFESSIONAL PROFILE. Because people will find your images, they will stalk you online and you want to make sure that when they do find you, you are who they want to work with. So you want to make sure that you set it up properly, that your socials are all consistent. That your images are all consistent. They all feel the same, they all feel like you. Or they’re going to think you’re dodgy. Yeah, you don’t want people to go on there, stalk you and find you’re dodgy. Because they’re not going to choose you, they’re going to choose someone else. They’re going to choose someone who has a professional profile.

Fast rules for organic facebook marketing.

The second letter of FAST is A. The A word…. Algorithm. Everybody freaks out about the algorithm and everybody blames everything on the algorithm. I love the algorithm. The algorithm is a prediction so if you are inputting the right data into it and if you are engaging and you’re talking to and giving attention to the industry you’re in and the clients that you’re in then guess what? Its like Plenty of Fish. It will match you. So the algorithm works. That’s how free organic social media works. So I love it. One of the key things is you need to make sure you are consistent. And it’s your consistent. If you consistently post 3 times a day then that’s your consistent. But if you post once or twice a week then that’s your consistent. But you need to have a rhythm so it can feel you and your customers or potential clients can feel you too.

So the S in FAST is Social. Social media which is cool. It’s social so that means your tone should be social. You shouldn’t be overly salesy there needs to be a good mix. You want to tell your success stories. You want to show statistics. And you want to offer your potential clients solutions.

And the last one is T in FAST and its Tactful. You need to be tactful. All social media platforms have different rules. It’s like your children, they’re all different. They’ve all got different likes and dislikes. But when you follow the rules you’re likely to get better results. So put your energy and your time, firstly into the one that you know how to use well and that your ideal clients are on. Obviously, I choose Facebook because 93% of small businesses use Facebook. So you want to be tactful and use your energy there. So yes you want a consistent branding across all platforms but you want to make sure that you put your energy into the one that is actually generating us money. Because our time is important to us. There is no point in you going and throwing a million things out there in the hopes of getting something. And it wasting your time and making you frustrated. Rather explore that platform, get to know it really really well, put your energy into it, make it a stand out presence and really do it well. Then have branding consistency across the other platforms.

Social media is going nowhere. You saw what happened when Facebook went down recently? Everybody freaked out. They were calling 999 or 000.

There is no way Facebook is going anywhere. They’re making too much money. They lost way too much money. Mostly because you are all gambling away your hard earned money on Facebook Ads and Boost. By the way…. Don’t Boost. Never Boost. Just don’t.

Make sure your foundation is established on whatever profile it is that you are using so that it works, and it works well.

So we all want to generate clients? We all want to grow our business! And that means we need a fail-proof kick-ass strategy. We want it to be simple. And we want it to fast. And we want it to work. And if it’s not working, please go do something about it.