Every 5th person will experience a mental health issue in 2020. With stress and mental disorders on the rise, it’s crucial to craft a resilient vision to carry you through the highs and lows of 2020. This article will cover key actions to make 2020 a year of thriving despite adversity, drawing from Drivens resilience measurement, the PR6 (Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale). Whether you are a business owner, or an employee, below are my top tips:

1.    Craft reflective goals 

The cornerstone trait of resilience is Vision. Vision covers your sense of purpose, goals, and personal vision. This resilience domain is foundational because every other domain is guided by what is meaningful to you.

To prepare for 2020, get out a pad and pen and answer these questions:

  1. How did I move towards my goals in 2019?
  2. How did I fall short and why?
  3. What is meaningful to me for 2020?

Use your reflections on the last year to inform your goals for this year. Craft a goal that is specific, achievable, and deeply meaningful to you. Having clarity on your overarching goals helps you be decisive in the middle of tough choices and keep you focused.

2.    Learn to regulate your emotions


Holidays can be restful, but also stressful. Everyone needs time off to recharge, but this might come with more things to organise (like presents and parties), a change in routine, and different social relationships to navigate. Not to mention the stress that comes from remembering that you have to go back to work soon!

An important part of a resilient mindset is developing Composure. This domain is about controlling your instinctive emotional responses and instead think carefully and critically in the middle of a challenge.

To get off on the best foot in 2020, learn techniques to calm yourself at will, such as meditation, reappraisal, and deep breathing. Check out the app for customised training in Composure techniques, as well as AI-based evaluation and coaching in all the other domains of resilience.

3.    Take preventative actions

In 2020, one certainty is that you will face many types of challenges. The domain of Reasoning refers to creative and preventative problem solving, which can help you maximise the opportunities present in every challenge.

Reasoning is not just about problem-solving in the middle of a crisis, but also about taking action ahead of time to prevent things going wrong – like going to the dentist so you don’t need any teeth pulled out later.

Make a list of the challenges you anticipate you’ll be facing in 2020, and jot down at least one action point per challenge about how you might prevent or respond to it.

4.    Support friends, family and colleagues & be supported

Humans are fundamentally social beings. The brain is hardwired at the deepest level to need connection with others in order to thrive and advance, falling under the domain of Collaboration.

One of the most valuable resources you have is your support network combined with your ability to support others. Your network gives you inspiration, purpose, practical resources, connections, and a safety net. This applies to your personal life as well as in a professional context.

Make a commitment to evaluate your support network and investigate ways to strengthen your relationships, like sending a text of appreciation to a different person every day, or making an effort to eat together.

Small actions that plan for the year ahead can reap big rewards down the track. Creating a better mindset for 2020 and preparing for challenges doesn’t have to cost much, but it can be the deciding factor in your progress for the year. It’s important to start now and launch into 2020 with confidence, purpose, and action.