Getting more customers is the primary objective of any business owner. If the business relies on existing clients only, it won’t survive for long. A regular stream of new clients ensures that the business can replace inactive customers. While there are many ways to acquire new leads, pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most popular. This article will explain PPC lead generation, and how you can acquire more quality leads by leveraging the power of PPC.

Use Facebook Lead Forms

2.8 billion people use Facebook at least once a month. This is a huge treasure trove that can change your lead generation campaigns. However, you can only benefit from this huge audience if you know how to gather and filter profiles. Generally, you will need to filter the information based on interest, gender, location, and age. When you stratify your leads, you will spend less money on converting new clients.

Try Focused Landing Pages

You can also use focused landing pages to talk to clients. The landing page should not be complicated or present too much information because this will confuse clients. Instead, your landing page should lead to a quick and straightforward transaction. It is also important to use the secondary and primary call to action. This call to action should be placed at a conspicuous location on your page.

Use Dynamic Number Insertion

When a potential client likes products on your website, they may decide to call your business for further details. Your sales representatives will be able to convert this lead if they know what caught the lead’s attention. By dynamically changing the phone number that is displayed on your inbound lead generation advertisement, you can know the keyword that the client saw. It is also possible to create an automatic process that routes each call to a qualified agent.

Get a Solid CRM

As your PPC campaign gains traction, the number of leads will increase and may burden your sales reps. Deriving meaningful insights from the gathered data will become cumbersome and costly. Thankfully, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool can track and filter your customer data. Some of the things that you will receive from the CRM include the time spent on your website by each client and the pages visited.

Create Impressive Content

The right copy can appeal to clients and increase your conversion rates. Consequently, you should work on your headlines, type of content, and call to action. Your content should also keep some leads away from your advertisements. If somebody who is not interested in your products clicks on your advertisement, you will have to pay for that click. This means that your content should be very specific and oriented towards one niche.

Work on Your Keywords

Your leads will most likely start their purchase journey by typing some keywords into the search engine. In that light, keywords should be the backbone of your B2B lead generation strategies. If you can do this correctly, your advertisements will reach interested parties only.

Creating and improving keywords is a long process. First, you must determine whether you should use short-tail keywords or long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are more effective, but they will attract a huge number of people, many of whom will not be interested in your products. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are more difficult to implement, but they tend to attract specific people. If you want to reduce your PPC marketing budget and attract quality leads, your lead generation strategies must prioritise long-tail keywords.

Final Take

Getting high-quality leads from the PPC marketing campaign is an easy process if you understand the process. Sometimes, you may have to avoid certain marketing techniques because they will increase your overall PPC expenditure. Talk to your digital marketing agency for advice on what strategy will work best for your business.