“Give me a checklist and I’m good to go.” Nothing like a proven success formula and a 12 point plan to execute.

Alas, leadership by numbers is no longer an option. The times they have changed. We’re currently in the middle of spinning our collective and individual cocoons. We are settling in for the long haul to survive the invasion of the bugs.

As we sit wrapped in stillness, the uncertainty seeps through the threads.

What’s going to happen? How long will this last? What will the world look like after?

There are no clear answers. This is the future of leadership, happening right now.

What people need in times of uncertainty is clarity.

This is what we can do to get some form in the fog:

List the known.

What do we know for sure is happening? What resources do we have right now? What are the constraints we have to work within?

List assumptions and challenge them.

When we think about the future, all we have is what we imagine. Some things are possible, some things are probable, and some things are just wishful thinking. List those things. Then ask, ‘how likely do we think this is?’ By challenging the assumptions, we draw attention to the fuzziness, and this paradoxically helps to bring more clarity.

Make a stand.

This is our time to craft a future we want to live in. We may not know what that looks like in detail, but we can know how we want it to feel, what principles we want to live by. What are our values? What do we stand against or what do we stand for? These form a compass that helps us to take our next best step.

What can we have confidence in?

It can’t be what happens next. It can’t be about what the world will look like. It CAN be about how we show up as leaders, how we keep communicating with our people. It can be about our courage, it can be about our values, it can be about what we stand for, what we want to fight for, and how we can love and live each day as the gift that it is.

How can you create more clarity and confidence in the days ahead?


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