Wouldn’t you like to know? Of course you would, and probably the biggest reason why you are so excited about this prospect is that it is undeniably and categorically a possibility. You hear of these success stories all the time and and are aware of some of the hard facts that you face if you want to venture into these waters.

There is one place where every single business is bound to find customers; and its not at the supermarket, or at an event, or within the local neighbourhood (although these have proved to be successful in the past), the truth of the matter is that for quick, easy and convenient access to customers business need only turn to social media. As you are aware, everyone has at least one social media account and they’re checking daily/hourly. Studies indicate that 84% of Australians surf the web daily, and that 79% of this group regarded themselves to be ‘dedicated’ social media users. Facebook is in the lead social media site, with the studied group noting Facebook being their most preferred social media platform, but what’s in it for you and your business? Well, if you are familiar with the fact that 95% of large businesses are using social media at its full capacity and are continue to expand their customer group, it’s easy to do the maths. Social media is just one way business get their revenues. Isn’t it high time you became an expert too? Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Content is the key to success

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again, it can’t be said often enough; you can have as many social media accounts as you wish (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.), but if you’re not engaging, keeping up with trends and are not presenting quality material than you can’t expect to have a large follow group and in turn a potential customer group.

In order to understand what you should post about, you have to understand your consumers first, think about their need and expectations. It might help to have an imaginary profile of the average client. Imagine the person (define the sex, age, background) and explore their preferences. If it’s too hard for you, consider hiring a professional to write a couple of lines and post a photo on your Instagram account. This is how brands are made nowadays; a hashtag or two can go a long way.

Consistency is pertinent

Creating an incredible, eye-catching post is great, but can you do it regularly? Actually, you must do it regularly. Admittedly, not all your posts are to be show-stoppers, but you are expected to deliver some interesting content on a regular basis. Do not let your audience forget about you. They should get used to your regular updates, because this shows that you are up and running. Posting regularly says ‘we are here, and we’re staying”.

Pixels matter

This refers to the quality of your content. Always deliver the highest quality content possible. If it’s written, the text should be grasping reader’s attention and should be at the highest quality of grammar and punctuation (you will always have people looking for misspelled words). When posting photos, you simply cannot afford to have a blurry images on your website or your social media accounts. The same goes for videos. Today your business success is measured by these factors, no matter how trivial it sounds.

Get educated

Knowing the basics is great, but if you really wish to master the skill of creating a multi-million dollar business, it’s going to take more than reading a few tips. Every venture requires some investment, and an investment in a course in social media marketing might just be the right investment. True, you can always hire a social media marketing manager, but since it’s your business and you know your customer group the best, it’s great to be up skilled in the world of social media and know how exactly this can be an asset to your business development. If you have just started your business, than doing a course and investing in yourself will more than likely prove to be a smarter (budget) investment than hiring a new employee.

Consider paid advertising

In short, paid advertising pays off. It’s essential for your name to appear on Google or Facebook, or both. Investing in ads should be a part of your marketing campaign, but be sure to understand ins and outs of social marketing prior to exploring this.

Social media marketing is tricky. You can love it, or you can feel overwhelmed with the whole craze, but, one thing is for sure: you can use it to your advantage and create wonders with it.