I’ve been talking to many CEOs about how they and their teams are doing now that we are nine or ten weeks into the pandemic. Here’s what many have said:

  • We’re exhausted. There’s been no break from the bushfires, the hail storm, and now a pandemic.

  • We’re doing okay. We’ve managed to make it through with solutions and are hanging in there.

  • Our teams are losing focus. It’s hard to get them to engage.

As a CEO, now is the time to plan your next team gathering. There is still no end in sight. No magical finish line. But there is a little more stability in the uncertainty.

Depending on where you are, and how much restrictions have eased, you need to be planning an important team reset.

We’ve been through a lot. There is more to come. We need to process and make sense of it.

A team reset meeting needs to include:

Stage 1: REFLECT

  • Outline the facts of what happened. A timeline is a great way to do this.

  • Map the journey of feelings. A parallel line, like a heartbeat signal, is a great way for each individual to map their own peaks and troughs through the experience to date.

  • Explore meaning. Ask each person to share what this time has meant for them. Each person’s circumstances and background are unique, and the experience will mean different things to different people.

Stage 2: REVIEW

  • List successes. What has the team done well through this process?

  • Explore lessons. Not everything was great I am sure. What can we learn from this experience?

  • Identify what we can carry forward. What new practices, values, or attitudes do we want to take with us through the next phase of our work together?

Stage 3: RENEW

  • Check in with the vision. Is this still relevant and meaningful?

  • Check in with the path forward. Do the next steps make sense for the vision and our current circumstances?

  • Check our goals. Do they need adjusting or ditching? Do we need new goals?

Put some closure on the first stage of the pandemic response. The acute first stage of the crisis is over. That’s worth acknowledging and sharing with each other.

Every gathering is a special opportunity to create community, to celebrate, and to connect. This is especially important now. Be kind to one another, and make some space for a pause and a deep breath together. We’ve been through a lot. Good on us.