As the Founder of The Minute Taker, I have been fortunate enough to work from home for many years. Nonetheless, the time I have spent working from home has substantially increased since the COVID-19 pandemic really took a hold on the world, in March 2020. Here are my tips!

  1. Create a space just for you: although you may not have a dedicated room, a dedicated desk is of the upmost importance. A quiet (or quieter) space in any part of your home will do!
  2. Invest in an ergonomic chair: this is possibly the most important piece of furniture in your house and is worth every cent! It is so important to ensure that your back and body is fully supported, and a dining chair or the couch can cause severe damage to you back. Your investment in an ergonomic chair will save you thousands in future physiotherapy fees!
  3. Lighting: it is extremely important to ensure that your dedicated office space is not in direct sunlight, and also isn’t too dim. A sturdy blind for those sunny spots or a lamp for those dim places, will ensure that your eyes are able to retain focus, no matter the type of work you are doing.
  4. Exercise: A daily stroll needs to be incorporated in your schedule. Whether you are popping down to the local coffee shop before you switch on your laptop for the day, or popping out for a lunch time stroll, incorporating 30 minutes of exercise in your daily work schedule will ensure that you are performing at your peak!
  5. Coffee: Even though you are working from home, you still deserve a beautiful coffee to enjoy over your laptop so treat yourself!

Enjoy your new space and the joy that working from home brings!