If you attend networking events, you may find this helpful.

Doing these 5 things on Facebook, could help you develop better referral partners, get more leads and maximise you attending these meetings.

Facebook Event: Like the networking events Facebook page. Click Going and Share the event on your facebook page, personal profile, relevant groups and send in messenger to those you think may get value from attending. This notifies your friend’s list and fans. Evoke curiosity by including content with your ‘share’ by mentioning a little bit about the event. The people, opportunities, food, coffee etc. You know your ‘friends’ best. Some people are motivated by food, coffee, networking, referrals or being in the room with like-minded people. By NOT INVITING your ‘friend’ or clients or connections you could be doing them a disservice. Don’t forget to also send out the information, with a direct booking link, to your database. 

Checkin: Checkin in REAL-TIME….. It is more effective as it reaches business owners who are available at that time (because they are on facebook lol). Use a picture…. Selfie or group shot (showing the size of the group shows potential opportunities), even coffee/food gets attention or the actual referral slips you received. Always checkin with an image and details about the event. My Post guideline is: Captivating headline to stop the right person scrolling, identify with their pain, pleasure or FOMO, offer a solution and then end with a call to action (which is simple and time-based) 

eg. Yes… I just received 8 referrals this week and 6 last fortnight. Good food, great people and proactive business owners who like to do business. Pm (or click here) to be my guest next fortnight. I have a breakfast voucher for 1 of my friends. First in best dressed. 

Use your language obviously. 

  • Be sure to tag your pictures with the people in the room to give you credibility and to show the calibre of people attending. Tagging helps to reach a wider audience and put yourself in front of their audience. It shows your connections and network. You never know who knows who and how they could help you. Make friends: (use their business card)
  • Choose wisely…. You are looking for Friends with benefits. (and it needs to be mutually beneficial) Depending on your level of privacy, you may wish to add them as a friend (understand your privacy settings), send a short message reminding them of how you met and what you do. Your ultimate goal should be to get off facebook by arranging a one to one call. 
  • Be sure to Stalk them. Check out their page, like and engage to show your support. 
  • Make sure you are stalkable. Set up your personal profile and business pages correctly, with working links, understanding all the privacy settings, well branded, with clear messaging and a call to action. It can be a little suspicious and unprofessional if you have no friends, or your business page isn’t complete. Use a clear headshot for your profile picture, so you can easily be identifiable (especially if there are others on facebook with your name) 

Facebook Group: Join any Facebook groups they may have. Groups can create even more opportunities for you outside of the actual meetings, so USE Them. Network, give support, share your expertise and develop relationships with other members. Again, create better opportunities by taking the online ‘friendship’ offline, and to a phone call, to forge a meaning business relationship. 

Give reviews/recommendations, on their Facebook page, to those who you have done business with from the Networking group. Highlight the scope of the work, what you were struggling with and what problem has been solved, along with any other favourable comments. You can also sneak in your business and specify a bit about what you do but make it more about them. Keep negative feedback for conversations off-line to hopefully be resolved