As part of the Learn Network Do motto we have at Business Business Business we run a series of challenges throughout the year to help you grow your business.

Our next one is the June 2017 Instagram Challenge!

Instagram challenges are already very popular on Instagram because they offer a great opportunity to engage and grow your audience while also generating fun, relevant content around your brand.

And now it is time for BBB members to join in on the FUN!

What is an Instagram Challenge?

The challenge is to be active on Instagram and post a pick around a theme each day.  (There is a challenge hash tag that allows us to link together. Ours will be #BBBInstaChallenge and #learnnetworkdo

With the main aim to network and grow on Instagram while having a little fun together.

Linda is also prepping some tools and tips to share with you via email over the challenge to help you make the most out of Instagram.

We will kick off over 30 days on June 8th so sign up here to join us for the challenge!

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