Everyone loves Instagram. However, the picture sharing social media platform has evolved in recent years, into more than just everyone’s favorite selfie display portal. As well as that and more, Instagram has become a unique social media marketing tool for businesses. The only problem is that up until now, Instagram hasn’t provided business users with a way to directly monetize their content.




Shopping Tags for Increased Sales & Brand Visibility

In an effort to help business users start generating actual sales through Instagram, Instagram is in the process of rolling out a new shopping tags feature for images. You upload a photograph, apply the filters you need to make it as eye-catching as possible, and if that picture showcases products you have for sale, Instagram will add shopping tags accordingly.

Of course, Instagram followers will have to tap to actually see your shopping tags. This way, the new feature avoids becoming more of a hard selling mechanism rather than a user-friendly information device. However, if users do tap to see shopping tags, they are immediately presented with not just more specific product information, but also the ability to buy items directly through your chosen payment gateway.

The Potential of Shopping Tags for your Business

At present, shopping tags in Instagram are only available to a select few retailers and businesses. However, research has shown that 60% of Instagram users already use the app to discover new products in the first place. Even better, 75% of those users then take actions such as visiting product websites and/or making purchases. This being the case, Instagram is keen to roll out shopping tags to more business users. Once they have, businesses with strong Instagram profiles will subsequently be able to experience both better sales and product visibility.

Do you sell products which you can showcase through eye-catching Instagram pictures? If so, make sure to keep up to date with the roll out of Instagram’s new shopping tags feature. This way, you can become one of the first businesses to embrace the new feature, as well as one of the first to experience phenomenal increases in both product sales and overall brand awareness.