The pandemic came upon hard on each one of us. Some of you may have experienced losses in earning or profession. Many of you might be at a point in life seriously reflecting on your next move. Many of you might wonder where to invest in for a more fulfilling life.

The only investment that can never fail is an investment in yourself.

The way no business gives you return without investment, in the same way, it is unreasonable to expect a return from yourselves without investing in your development. Now is the time for all of you to invest in the following five areas.


Often, people are obsessively focussed on their weaknesses, considering them as an obstacle to their progress. When we get rid of our weaknesses, we get only an incremental advantage. The probability of success using your already proven strengths is far more than the risk of failing because of your known weaknesses. However, it is important to recognise that your strengths are what propel you forward in life. Rather than worrying excessively about your weaknesses, it is more productive to invest in developing your strengths. Think about how you can leverage your unique strengths that can create non-stop value for life.


During my interviews with many successful leaders, I have learnt that the key to their success was their well-honed, niche specialisation and expertise in what they do. Such experts are naturally viewed as leaders. They go deep into one thing instead of becoming a generalist in a broader subject area. So, identify an area or skill that is aligned with your passion, experience, and values/beliefs. It could also be something that you naturally do better than others. Develop that niche expertise by sharpening your strength to the next level. Invest in continuous learning, research, networking with peers, and diligent practice. Invest your time in attending relevant forums or professional bodies, read books in that specific niche, keep experimenting on that topic and write about your observations


Passion is not what you discover overnight. You have it with you all the time, but sometimes your professional decisions overshadow it. You might have chosen a path with calculated, controlled risk, perhaps because of your situation. As a result, you probably may have derailed yourself from the track your passions or dreams dictated. The secret to fulfilling your dreams is to do what you are passionate about. If you did not live your passion yet, now is the moment you were waiting to reignite long-lost passions. Start investing in it today because you don’t come across such moments every day.


The times we live in now are already putting so much toll on each one of us. As you age, your ability to focus and sit for long hours may decline. Many people make the mistake of taking health for granted. But physical, mental, and emotional health is the foundation on which all other aspects of life are built. If you need to stay in the game, you need to stay healthy. Health is the only high ROI investment avenue. Therefore, take a break and restore your mental peace. Keep monitoring your stress level and deterioration of your body or cognitive functions. Do not ignore the cues. Invest in health through activities like exercise and mindfulness.


I once conducted a study of the work-life patterns of senior department heads. The study showed that they spent an average of 16 hours every day directly on work-related activities. But they could hardly manage to spend 1-2 of distraction-free, gadget-free time with their families. They hoped “one day” they would have enough time, but that “one day” always remained out of their reach. So, invest distraction-free time in your primary relationships starting today and be ‘always present.’ It will go a long way in giving you fulfilment. If you lose everything today, the only entity that will support you through the tough times is your family.

In summary, your life and your personality are not defined solely by your career. There are several other dimensions of your existence that require equal attention, and investing in those can actually help you live the life you always wanted to live.