Have you been thinking about starting a podcast or maybe have a podcast that needs a little boost?

Then the Podcasting Kickstart might just be what you are looking for!

In this online training, Ideas Strategist Linda Reed-Enever shares the processes, procedures, and protocols of podcasting, drawing on the planning, tools and platforms she and the Enever Group Team use when creating podcasts both inhouse and with clients.

The Podcasting Kickstart will focus on the Ps of Podcasting via a dedicated Facebook group and virtual meeting room.

Over five weeks, Linda will lead you through all the essential areas of podcasting from planning right through to promotion, taking an in-depth look into:

  • Planning – All the tools, ideas and tips to kick off that podcast you’ve been pondering
  • Processes – A back-of-house look at the often overlooked areas like guest releases and booking platforms
  • Platforms – An insight into simple, efficient and easy to-use tech that delivers a professional podcasting result
  • People – Podcasting is about people, but who makes a great podcast guest and how do you approach them?
  • Promotion – Creating a great podcast is only half the job, then it comes down to promotion and piquing audience interest.

Weekly Podcasting Kickstart sessions will run on Thursdays at 11am and recordings will be available for 90 days afterward.

With podcasting continuing to burgeon in popularity, there’s never been a better time to reach out to a new audience in a unique and personal way.