Business cards – are extremely useful but many people are moving on from physical cards to digital cards. The MODC is one of the latest in the digital business card realm, and this Australian-based product is certainly making waves.

There are some who are reluctant to move to a digital business card because they don’t want to lose the benefit of a traditional card – branding being one of the big reasons. But the MODC addresses this. MODC digital cards can be branded with your logo and company details while the addition of a QR code allows for instant sharing of business contact details and any digital assets, freebies, or links you might like to include.

We love that while the MODC is made from plastic, it has the feel of texturised paper, giving you a more traditional business card look. There’s also the eco option made from sustainable bamboo if this is more your style.

Benefits of MODC

There are of course many benefits of a digital business card, with sustainability being high on the list. You can reduce your carbon footprint by not having to rely on paper business cards, you can save on costs as you won’t be regularly reordering business cards, and if your details change, it’s easy to update your business card without needing to reprint.

One of the other things we love about the MODC is that you can have multiple profiles – perfect for those who freelance or run multiple businesses.

There’s also the option to track how many people are viewing your details, leads can add themselves to your contact list, and there is no app needed to share or receive contact details.

 MODC Features

A MODC card gives you two options when it comes to purchasing your card. There’s the subscription package, which includes support and the Rocket Card Package (enables the card holder to one free card reprint each year for lost cards). If subscriptions aren’t your thing, you can purchase the card outright.

The EcoSmart MODC is perfect for those who prefer a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. Made from bamboo, these cards are perfect for simple, clean designs.

One of the big features is the technology behind the card. MODC works on both iPhone and Android operating systems, and older phones can use the QR Code scanner to access your business card. Your business card will also be updated instantly when you change details – no need to wait around for new cards to be printed.

How Does it Work?

The MODC digital business card is easy to set up. Simply tap the card on your phone, and it will take you to your MODC page where you can set up your details, your social media links, and your website.

Our biggest tip is to add a toolkit page where you can recommend tools for your industry, and pop in a gift page where you can load your free lead generation tools – eBooks, papers, templates, and so on.

It really isn’t hard to set up, and it’s a great way to be able to share your business details (and for others to share their details with you) at any event you go to, without having to make sure you have enough business cards on you.

MODC is currently offering a lifetime deal for a branded MODC for just $94. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a digital business card – now is the time.

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