We were excited to be joined by Lumen5 and Sniply founder Micheal Cheng to show us how we can turn our blog posts into video content we can use.

Videos get more reach and engagements on almost every social network. In this webinar, members will learn how to use Lumen5 in order to

(1) create original video content

(2) repurpose blog posts into videos as well as  (3) how to distribute your videos across social media

(3) how to distribute your videos across social media

Michael is a cofounder at Sniply, a content marketing tool used by over 200,000 businesses. He recently launched Lumen5, a video creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to help marketers produce engaging video content in minutes.


Key Take Aways:

  1. You can use Lumen5 with no tech skills needed
  2. Silent video is the best received content on mobile
  3. There is an unlimited library for you to access of Music, Video, and Images to create your own videos
  4. Lumen5 puts Video Creation in the hands of everyone.

Save 25% off Lumen5

Mike was kind enough to offer all of our readers here at BBB a very special deal to save 25% off the premium version of Lumen5 so you can brand your videos and more.