That’s right in the world of Lego, “everything is Awesome!”. Even their customer service is awesome. Let me explain.

Recently my youngest son (he’s nearly 3) picked his Mum a present, a Lego Friends Juniors Ice-cream truck set. What could be better when both him and his mum are fans of Lego and Ice-cream?

On making the ice-cream van, there were a couple of pieces missing, not major ones but still nonetheless they were missing. As the ultimate purchaser of this – it was down to me to contact Lego.

So here’s what happened and has now made me an even bigger fan of this fantastic global organisation than I was previously. Which is quite a feat.

The first brick was laid: A simple website that worked

It was an easy process. What set did you purchase? What pieces are you missing? For this I simply had to click on the pieces which had pictures and also a description. Simple and effective. Then I put in my details and address and was assured they would be right onto it.

Easy construction : The parts arrived, super fast

Now I live in Auckland, New Zealand which is about as far from Lego HQ as you could possibly imagine. However, wherever the parts originated from they were packed up and shipped out as fast as you can possibly imagine. No money was asked for my Lego, they just shipped what I (well my wife) needed, super-fast. Wow! What a demonstration that you care for your customers.

Building complete: A genuine letter that showed they care

They didn’t just bundle up the parts but sent a letter – which while it may not be unique – had been thought about and showed they cared about what had happened. It’s a great letter as you can see below:

Why is it so great?

Firstly. Lego, apologised. It comes across as genuine. They don’t make a we’re sorry but….It is a simple but heartfelt sorry.

Secondly .They provide the missing parts but talk to what the point of their product is, to have fun. It’s what my wife and son want to do, share a building experience and they’ve ensured it happens. Awesome.

Thirdly. They are going to pass this problem on and seek to prevent it happening again. A positive for them and us, they show that they continually want to improve and do better. This shows the market leader in this field (construction toys), continually striving to get better.

Finally. The sign off is great too, they will stay in touch. Now this is quite standard but it is a good, and necessary end to a great customer service letter.

So what are the take-outs from this experience?

Whatever your business is, mistakes will happen but if you deal with them quickly and with genuine care it comes across in spades. Some might say it comes across by the brick-load! If you apologise genuinely it means a lot. In fact if you follow the Lego customer service instruction manual you may even end up with some strong brand advocates.

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