You will find many pieces of advice on how to profit from LinkedIn. I am focus advocate never believe in multitasking. As a resume and profile expert resume is to get an interview and LinkedIn profile is to get leads, period.

If you seek a job, your profile is an extension of your resume. Tell recruiters what you give them. What benefit they get from hiring you.

For businesses and professionals, different objectives could be branding, sale, recruitment, etc. Your profile is an extension of your sales page. Tell them what you offer your services or products and what benefits they get.


Let us see how people write their profiles. Here are first paragraphs from my recent LinkedIn profile viewers.

One is a business relationship manager

Experienced Business Relationship Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Business Process, Coaching, Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Team Building. Strong business development professional graduated from School of Life and Hard Knocks.

Second is a job seeker as a project manager

Extensively experienced and highly skilled project manager and administrator, with over six years, experience directing and managing the communications, operations, security and projects of a highly diverse and internationally focused organization, seeking opportunities to contribute a life of service to the mission, the quality of life and vision of your organization.

Third is also a finance job seeker

Aspiring to achieve significant endeavors in the field of Finance and Administration, turn to account my strong communication and presentation skills to pursue the role that is most fit to my knowledge and skill set in an encouraging and well-established organization.


Do you think these people talk to their prospect? Will recruiter take an interest?

I observe 90% of profiles are lists of experience, education, service, product, etc. Hardly I see a profile which talks to prospective client or recruiter.


The first line is a Headline always. You cannot format on your profile but treat your first sentence as a Headline.

Example: How I write a profile?

One for a production job seeker

“Do you want The Boeing award for delivery excellence recipient in your production Team?”

Two for an IT job seeker

“Does (Company Name) want a pro that runs Only SFT Netware Server in Arkansas? I am that Designer.”

Three for a controller job seeker

“Your new controller who never misses a deadline, allow the budget to surpass, and contribute profits with innovative systems.”

You must tell upfront what you give to recruiter or client.

You agree, or not the fact is we have 8 seconds to keep reader to our message. If you won’t interest them in that time, you lost the battle before it started.

The job of a profile is to get a call or inquiry.

Simple Formula

•   Tell your offer and what benefits you give

•   Tell a story how you did it.

Success always interests people. We all want to succeed. The moment you tell how you did achieve something people give attention. And when your targets find any success they try to know more. Chances of you getting their response is much higher when your profile clearly tell them what is for them.

Add a call to action how they contact you. And closing must be with a benefit trigger.

You go right now to your profile and make changes. It will double the impact.