Three years ago in April 2017, Magento announced that they were phasing out the Magento 1 software. This means they were stopping all support and security updates. This means your business and your customers’ data are at risk. 

The end date is June 2020. If you still think you have time, you’re cutting it really close.  Let’s have a recap of what’s at stake. 

Poor performance and nonexistent security

Critical extensions will no longer have the support they need, so you (and your customers) will start experiencing bugs and inconsistent performance.

Magento will stop doing security patches, leaving your site and your data vulnerable to attacks.

You lose PCI DSS Compliance

Lack of data security cancels out your previously compliant site. This also leads to your payment provider dropping you. This could lead them to drop you. Read more about that here

A harried, costly re-platform/migration

You’re now on a deadline. This means Magento-certified developers can raise their rates to build your site during the migration.

Whether you decide to move to Magento 2 or switch to a new e-commerce platform provider, you will be undergoing a full re-platform. 

Act now to migrate

BigCommerce shows you how re-platforming works through this step-by-step guide. You need to move important data and crucial integrations. While you’re at it, take this perfect opportunity to simplify your e-commerce experience! BigCommerce has a lower total cost of ownership, and better security, speed, and fraud protection. 

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