Like it or loathe it, maintaining a media profile and promoting your product or services is a major component of modern business.


That means taking the time each week to work your media and PR strategy.  I know it can be easier said than done but hopefully these few points will help you keep on track.

Keep your eyes wide open

It’s in the interests of every business to keep an eye on news that may relate to them, whether that’s the competition launching a product, government initiatives that may impact your industry or technological innovations that may affect the way you do business.

Most importantly, relevant news may provide a timely opportunity for your business to comment on an issue and raise your profile. Each day, business should have its ear to the ground for new developments, and a great shortcut to do this is to set up Google alerts for news that relates to you.

Blog weekly

Blogs are only just beginning to use their power in Australia, but the potential is immense. A weekly blog on your website that you also feed to  Facebook and link to on Twitter provides a great way to connect with your potential and current customers in a personal and informative way.

Best of all, it keeps you at the forefront of their mind, and if you strike the right tone and create interest, it can build your reputation as the authority in your industry.

Be Social

Social media is increasingly the tool that businesses use to reach out directly to their customers. Whether it’s a quick marketing email or using your business Facebook page to actively engage with patrons and seek feedback, social media savvy is a must.

It’s also imperative businesses not only establish their social media presence but maintain and monitor it, answering queries, dealing with negative feedback, and ensuring profiles and details are up to date across the board, including professional profiles like LinkedIn.

Business owners should be checking into social media regularly or allocating it as a task to staff members.

Maintain your Websites

These days, business is as much about an internet presence as it is a physical location, so ensure your website is professional, easy to understand and relevant. Your website should be updated at least once a year to ensure the style is contemporary and reflects your growing enterprise including any branding changes.

That’s not to mention those blogs we talked about before.

Prepare in advance

When devising media strategies that embrace the traditional industries like print, radio and television, prepare them in advance. If you know you’re launching a product or celebrating a milestone, have your media release drafted long before the event so you control the distribution and have the details locked in to maximise its potential.

Maintaining your media presence is an ongoing process that takes time and effort each week. By planning for it, factoring it in and setting aside time for tasks, you maximise the potential of your message being heard.