As business owners it can be easy to forget our health and fitness when it comes to the day to day life of running a business. Often the weight can creep onto all of us as we forget to track our life and bad habits and changes kick in without us noticing.

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Let’s be honest: no matter how successful you get, most people see your body first and they make assumptions and judgments based on that. For me, my philosophy is, love your body. It’s what carries you around, it works, it helps you achieve your goals. 

Losing weight should only ever be a goal for you when you really want it, not because you worry about how you look or what people think. 

Is losing weight and knowing your body one of your goals for 2020? Read on!  

The fringe benefits of losing weight when you’re an entrepreneur

It’s natural to worry about how we look, though. As entrepreneurs, we want to give the best impression when we meet people. You can achieve that with the right clothes and self-confidence! 

Of course, one of the ways to boost your self-confidence and self-love is by losing weight and/or being happy with your body. 

Making progress toward your business goals is so gratifying. And so is seeing the numbers change on the scale, or feeling your jeans fit better on your waist and hips! 

We need these feelings of pride and happiness, especially if we have more challenging and rather scary things to tackle down the road. 

You also feel lighter, and more energetic, like you can do anything, and this replaces any self-doubt and apprehension you might feel about making your move on this or that opportunity. 

Eating right means you make right and great decisions every time:

I can’t stress the importance of eating right when you’re a busy entrepreneur. It really matters. What you have for lunch can determine how much physical and mental energy and acumen you function with for the rest of the day! 

Notice that I said “eating right,” not “eating good food.” Society and diet trends have varying definitions of good food. And they may not necessarily be right for you. 

I know people who feel heavy and drowsy if they eat a nice steak sandwich at lunch, and I know people who need that steak sandwich or they’re impossible to work with– irritable, sleepy, apathetic, or all the above until they have a good dose of fat and protein! 

What about you? What food puts you on your best? Because you need to be your best version everyday! 

When it comes to your business acumen, healthy eating determines your: 

  • Cognitive function: your decision-making and reactions/responses to challenges
  • Sharp memory 
  • Sleep regulation, and you know we need sleep to function
  • Daily physical strength, energy and stamina
  • Immune response
  • Better, steadier mood 

Your daily successes– or positive outlook even in the face of struggle–depend on all the above.

Know more about yourself with Noom 

That’s what I absolutely love about Noom. You must have seen the ads on social, or read about it in blogs. It’s been gaining a reputation for working where diets don’t. 

Noom is not a diet. It doesn’t dictate what you should eat, which can be really annoying and is the ultimate reason most diets fail! 

Noom is more like an interactive journal and habit tracker. It structures your perspective, current habits, and goals about food, exercise and weight loss.

  • You discover your eating patterns
  • You gain insight on what food your brain and body likes
  • You see your exercise habits (or lack of)
  • And most important of all, you discover your goal-disrupting triggers

How Noom works in helping you lose weight for good

Most diet plans aren’t sustainable because they don’t help you get past those disrupting triggers. You’re still vulnerable, if not more. With diets, you follow a set of instructions and then your success is based on how strictly you follow and how long you can obey and ignore the building resentment against your regimen. 

With Noom, you obey yourself. There’s no resentment because you change your perspective over time and make your own decisions. 

And you can finish with Noom every day for 5 to 10 minutes a day! (And let’s face it that is often all we have.)

As busy as we are, that’s essential. We don’t have time to fiddle and play with apps. We do need a little bit of guidance, and a whole lot of information. That’s what we like to work with. And Noom provides that without taking over your whole morning or afternoon. 

What you get with Noom: 

  • Personalised coaching: everything is customized to your current weight, goal weight, food and exercise habits
  • Informative articles and quizzes to reframe your views on food, exercise, and weight management
  • Weight logging
  • Food logging
  • Exercise logging (integrates with FitBit, Apple Watch, and other fitness trackers)
  • A coach and group chat with peers for your progress and accountability
  • A new way of seeing food
  • A behavior change education program
  • Searchable and save-able recipes
  • Blood glucose and blood pressure logging 

If you want to see for yourself what I and the other impressed reviewers are talking about, get your 14-day trial of Noom and 2020 might just become your year of fabulous changes, inside and out, personally and businesswise! 


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