Thanks for joining us as a Marketplace Vendor at BBB we have taken so brief screenshots of how to add your products and services to the Marketplace, we have a video underway which will be ready in a few weeks too.

One you login you will be taken to the Vendor Admin Dashboard this where you can add and edit your products.

The store settings down the side is an important place to visit first so you can set up your email address details, add your logos etc to your vendor page and listing.

Log in to Dashboard on BBB

Store Settings


Adding a product

Adding a product is fairly simple make sure you have your images and descriptions ready and we recommend using a short description and a more detailed one for your products.  Once you click add products all of the details you need to fill in on a product can be found on this page.

Product Title and Main Description

Select Add Product

Adding Images

All our image spaces for the Marketplace are Square in size we have used images 600×600 pixels wide to create the our products.

Add Product Gallery Images if Necessary

Adding a Short Description

Enter Product Short Description if necessary

Linking to related products:

Once you have more than one product you can link your products together as related.

Link to Related Products

Setting Product Type

We recommend at the moment to stick to simple products that are physical or downloadable. You can do variable products by we are still learning those with you so for the meantime we are focusing on simple products.

Select Product Type

Shipping Settings

If your product is virtual or downloadable there are no need to worry about Shipping Settings but for Physical Products you need to enter a flat rate fee for the product. Because our visitors can by from multiple vendors at once you need to set your own rate.

Select Insert Row in Shipping and add Shipping Information

Submit your product for Review:

When you are ready submit your product to the team for us to review and you will get an email when it goes live.

Select Submit for Review