We have all heard it before, how you start your day sets the scene for the rest of the day.  But do you do anything about it?  Or do you continue to do your normal routine that you’ve done every single day of your working life? Have you ever considered if this routine is an asset for your business and sales?  Or is it killing your profits?

Doing things from awareness rather than autopilot is much more advantageous to you and your business.  The more aware you are in life, the more you will profit!

Profit isn’t just monetary.  You can profit from things emotionally, such as elevated mood.  You can profit physically.  You can profit energetically.  Also, profit doesn’t have to occur in the here and now.  Perhaps something is establishing future profits for you or your business.

Every moment, you are creating your future.  If you repeatedly complain about having to get out of bed, then grab that morning coffee to wake you up, get ready and go to work, you are on autopilot and you are creating an unconscious, unhappy future; and killing your profits!

If I ask you who is likely to create more profits, a tired, grumpy executive who complains all the time or a fresh, keen executive who’s proactive because they love their work, I bet you will select the second one.  What would make you describe someone as ‘fresh’?  Is this likely to come from routine?  Or from being present and operating in the moment?

Replace routine with possibilities

You want to remain open to all the possibilities, in business and in life.  This is what living in the question is all about.  Routines are unconscious behaviours that limit you.  There is no choice in a routine.  And routine in business produces routine profits.  If you replace your morning routine, even down to the cereal you routinely choose, with asking ‘what else is possible?’, you will train yourself to function from new possibilities in all areas of your life, including your business.  Wouldn’t you prefer ‘what else is possible?’ rather than being stuck with and limited by your current profits?

Replace routine with choosing in 10 second increments

If you decide what you are going to do each day, before you even begin it, you are immediately limiting yourself and any potential profits, because you can only define that which you already know.  What if you chose to constantly ask, ‘What do I choose in this 10 seconds?’, ‘Now, what do I choose in this 10 seconds?’, and so on. Creating a different choice that never solidifies keeps you present and aware to what might be possible if you chose it.

Possibilities, including those that increase profits, will slip past you if you’re operating from routine, autopilot and unconsciousness.

Choosing in 10 second increments also allows you to choose again; you’re not locked into earlier decisions.  For example, you’re driving towards the onramp to the freeway, due to an earlier decision to go that way, but because you are now more present and aware, you notice the deadlock in traffic ahead and choose to go another way, resulting in an early arrival at your business meeting and advantageously affecting their opinion of you in contrast to having arrived late. You can always change a choice that isn’t working for you.

Replace routine with energetically aware choices

When faced with a decision, ask ‘If I choose this, what will my life and business be like?’ and ‘If I don’t choose this, what will my life and business be like?’  For example, when hiring a new staff member, literally ask yourself, ‘If I choose person A, what will my work environment be like? What will my output be like? What will my business’ profits be like?’ and so on.  If I don’t choose person A, what will my ….. be like?’  For increased profits, choose the one that feels lighter.  However, the choice is always yours.  It’s about increased awareness.

Perhaps you decided to hire a candidate that didn’t feel light or you chose not to ask the questions at all.  If so, don’t judge yourself, simply notice what result that has on your day, for greater awareness. As well as eliminating ‘routine’, add profit generating behaviours to enhance your morning.

Ask for what you want

‘What grand and glorious adventure can I have today?’ is a question asked every morning by Dr Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness®, a highly profitable and continually expanding, global company.  Maybe you’d prefer something like, ‘what profits can I generate and create today?’ or ‘what would it take for today to be even greater than yesterday?’ Use whatever wording works for you, but the important point is to start your day with questions that set the tone for profit such as fun, joy, greater, etc.

Use energy to your advantage

Profits are directly related to how much energy flows into your business. Good marketing has an energy flow inwards; a person’s eye is drawn to your ad.  Likewise, charisma is also an energy flow – it draws you in.  Just like a muscle, you have to practise using energies flows to grow your business. Every day, simply ask to expand your zone of awareness to reach across the entire globe and pull energy from everyone who is looking for what you have to offer and doesn’t know it yet. This isn’t a visualization or meditation, it can be done simply by asking. (Hint: you don’t have to ‘do’ anything; just ask, the more you do it, the more you can perceive it working).  This creates a connection and draws people towards you, you may find people who come into your business or life that say “I don’t know what it is, but I just knew.” – this is energy in action.  You can also ask your products, marketing materials and business to flow energy too.

So, ditch your morning routine for question and awareness and add profit generating behaviours. What could you create if you weren’t on autopilot?