Facebook live is fast becoming the No.1 way to make an impact as an influential blogger. This and via livestreaming, you can gain  huge social media marketing exposure for your business and/or products and services.


There is only one problem. Namely, live streaming videos by nature are usually only ever watched once. Coupled with the fact then, that people and fans can only view your livestreams on Facebook, livestreaming itself can be difficult to use alone, to really catapult your brand into the limelight.

Why you need to be Repurposing your Livestreams

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. By logging into your Facebook profile and locating the tab beneath your profile cover photo, you can download your livestream videos after they have been broadcast in .mp4 format.

The benefits, in this case, are simple. As well as using Facebook’s own tools to add captions, SEO tags and even closed captioning for hearing impaired viewers, you can both edit your video and upload it elsewhere in order to massively extend the reach of your livestream broadcasts.

Adding Branding & new Social Media Channels

Of course, as any web marketer knows, the key to the success of any marketing campaign lies with eye catching branding and an effective call to action. This being the case, while Facebooks own tagging and custom thumbnail tools should be utilized when sharing videos, creators need to make sure to add their own branding also. Moreover, this can be achieved relatively easily, simply by using brand specific watermarks, animated introductions, and well-placed calls to action in videos and descriptions.

Once branded and edited accordingly, livestream videos can be shared everywhere from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo. Even better, Facebook itself will allow you to easily embed your videos directly onto other websites and social media platforms.

Why Repurposing Videos is a Must

If you are already livestreaming using Facebook Live, it simply doesn’t make sense not to repurpose your videos. Doing so, after all, will help you reach more of your target audience outside of Facebook, this and help drive more traffic to your website and scheduled live streams themselves. The only question, in this case, is are you ready to start realizing the benefits?

Just remember that if you do plan on repurposing your videos, you will have to log into your Facebook page as an administrator before you will be able to download and edit your videos and live streams. Also, when branding videos, always do so in a way which really makes your individual brand identity stand out. The last thing you want, after all, is for your videos to actually start driving more interest towards your sponsors and branding partners than they do your own product, sales, and social media pages.