You mightn’t have thought of the correlation between obsessive compulsives and entrepreneurial success, but some of the most successful entrepreneurs have OCD – Steve Jobs, Jessica Alba and Estée Lauder to name a few. As someone who is obsessive compulsive and an entrepreneur myself, I know the two go hand in hand and can really amplify your potential success. Let’s look at some of the similarities:


Pigheadedness and entrepreneurs go together. This characteristic defies logic and even offends some but is a hallmark of many successful entrepreneurs.  Of course, in polite circles a term like pigheadedness would never do so this characteristic is known as persistence. But who would have such pigheaded persistence other than a compulsive obsessive. 


If you want to see passion that nearly takes control, just find an entrepreneur. Witnessing emotion in a barely controllable state confirms that rationality has left the scene. Few people are so passionate about anything that they allow themselves to get so carried away emotionally. That behaviour is the result of both passion and initiative. Such passion about a business idea begs observers to wonder if the proponent has some form of disorder. Meanwhile back at the ranch, who would have that barely controlled passion about business other than an obsessive?


The call to arms is always a barrier for the faint hearted. If you really want someone prepared to give it a red-hot go seek out an entrepreneur and watch out for the searing heat.  Who other than an obsessive has the raw power, the drive and the heart stopping daring to make the word initiative an understatement?

Risk Takers

Risk takers are the ones who create start-up businesses. The highest business risk is at the beginning where it can all go horribly wrong very quickly. Passion, persistence, initiative are all required at this stage. It also requires a devil may care plunge into the unknown. The only type of person that loves this environment is our now familiar friend the obsessive compulsive.


Dream the dream of how it should be. It requires out there thinking and the daring to express crazy ideas. Not everyone will follow the story. Some will deride it, disheartening to normal people but all water off a ducks back for the obsessive compulsive. These unique creatures thrive on the controversial conversation their insane ideas create. If you want to stop a BBQ these are the guests to invite.


Out of the square thinking, lauded by some, but known by those who are exposed to it

as moments of insanity. However, this is often a characteristic of a budding entrepreneur. High energy combined with near uncontrollable enthusiasm about freshly dreamed up ideas and business that doesn’t even exist. As if some new idea that hasn’t been tried would ever take off? All in a day’s dreaming for original ideas…who else but a compulsive obsessive.

Business Skills

Entrepreneurs are often well qualified but always blessed with rat cunning. Rat like adaptability is the sign of a purpose bred creature suitable for the hot house environment of a start-up. Demonstrate the business skills of a lion on a mouse’s budget. These rat-like skills will shine through when the inevitable cash flow crisis visits. These skills that set the entrepreneur apart are embedded into a budget that will not only decide profit or loss, but make or break the entrepreneur’s business.  Anyone but an obsessive compulsive with rat cunning would scurry away from this challenge.


More moves than a chessboard is a polite way to describe the fast and free thinking of the Entrepreneur. The only constant in an entrepreneurs mind is that change only makes things better. Today’s sincere declaration can easily be displaced the very next day as a mere stepping stone to the best idea known to mankind. An obsessive personality is a natural performer in this environment.

If anyone considers being an entrepreneur, and is confident that they are not obsessive compulsive, just wait a little until the panic of failure sets in. I understand it may be thought of as a disorder by some, but not in the world of the entrepreneur. A compulsive obsession will most likely make your venture a success.